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This No-Bake Boxed Mix From The Grocery Makes a Giant Oreo!

This grocery find just takes 5 minutes of prep time!
Ever looked at your Oreos and thought to yourself, "these sure are small!" Now you can easily make a giant version of your childhood cookie, torte version! We found a no-bake Oreo cheesecake mix for Oreo fans. The Oreo torte package has instructions in German ...

You Can Make Cookies with This Versatile Red Velvet Cake Mix from the Grocery

You can make cakes, cupcakes, and even cookies with this boxed mix.
Who doesn’t love red velvet cakes? You can't help but bite into super chocolate-y, red-hued, cream cheese-topped treats like it’s the last dessert you’re ever going to have. Scour the shelves of your grocery’s baking aisle for this winner grocery find: Maya’s ...

We Stuffed Ourselves Silly with Chocolate Cake to Find the Best Boxed Mix

We tried White King, Betty Crocker, Maya, and Magnolia!
Why go through the trouble of making a cake from start to finish when you have boxed mixes to give you a hand? The magic of boxed chocolate cake mixes is that you only need to add three ingredients: oil, water, and ...

Eat Like an Olympian

This is what athletes eat to stay in the best shape possible!
With the 2016 Rio Olympics just around the corner, we did a little digging into what the meals of the world’s greatest athletes look like. Most, if not all, Olympians follow a strict diet to help them get that gold medal they are competing ...

Know Your Different Kinds of Cake

Let them eat cake!
There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with cake, is there? Cake has been and will probably always be a perennial party staple, a slightly over-the-top way to let people know that there’s a party going on.There’s more to ...

Yema Cake Recipe

When you want to make a cake but don't have a recipe on hand, you won't go wrong by using a basic yellow or butter cake mix.
Want to make a yema cake but don't have a quick recipe on hand? You can't go wrong by using a basic yellow or butter cake mix. It results in a delicious and moist cake in minutes, making it the perfect cake ...
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