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You Can Use These Cake Recipes To Make Cupcakes

We have tips and recipes you should try.
Did you know that you can turn a cake recipe into a cupcake recipe? You can! Cake recipes and cupcake recipes are basically the same recipe but just in different sizes. Cupcake recipes are commonly cake recipes adjusted to be made into cupcakes. While normally there is ...

What Is A Pineapple Upside Down Cake And Tips To Make It A Success

This cake is unique since it's served upside down.
When commercial ovens were still unavailable, cooking on cast-iron skillets over open flames was the norm. When people wanted dessert, they still cooked it in an iron skillet over an open fire. A typical dessert might be made of fruit with a batter poured ...

WATCH: We Made The Cake From Netflix's Princess Switch

This homemade version is festive, delicious, and has a surprise inside!
A stunning cake that you want to present to someone special can be a great reason to learn to decorate one. The good news is that you don't have to start off with a super complicated decorating task! Instead, you can make ...

How To Make Fruit Cake + Ingredients You'll Need

You need to make it now so it can age!
Making a fruit cake is just like any cake: you need the right ingredients to put together into a batter and bake it. However, just like there are many kinds of different cakes, the fruit cake is unique in that it is ...

WATCH: We Made The Chocolate Cake From Matilda

We think Bruce and Miss Trunchbull will be very happy with this cake!
When food is described perfectly in words, those words can conjure an irresistible image that we wish we could actually taste in real life. It's not enough that we have an active imagination when we read about a mouth-watering dish being described in our ...

WATCH: How To Make Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Chocolate + Caramel = Irresistible dessert combo.
What's more irresistible than a moist and delicious chocolate cake? While we know that a chocolate cake doesn't need to be any more than delicious, it can be made better. That's what we did with this chocolate cake recipe.We baked it in ...

WATCH: How To Make Easy Ube Cake

No mixer required!
This is an easy ube cake recipe that will satisfy anyone's craving for the purple-hued jam. The cake is moist, delicious, and topped with a creamy and light topping. It's so easy to make you can do this even without a mixer! Best ...

Easy Prune Cake Recipe

This fruity cake is delicious and easy to make!

Kamote Chocolate Cake Recipe

The main ingredient is a vegetable, and it's delicious!
Starchy and sweet, the sweet potato or kamote is a tasty root vegetable and is our main ingredient in this delicious cake recipe. ...

Bento-Sized Sans Rival Cake Recipe

You can make a lunchbox-sized Sans Rival at home!
Sans Rival Cake is one of the popular desserts that you need to try. This Sans Rival recipe is small in size but still has all the layers you want: buttercream, cashew nuts, and meringue-based cake with a perfect indulgent taste.This recipe ...

WATCH: How To Make Big Al's-Style Chocolate Cake

You don't need plates! Grab a fork!
This luscious chocolate cake is still one of our favorite desserts in Manila. This is a classic and moist chocolate cake baked straight into an aluminum pan, topped with a similarly classic chocolate fudge frosting, and served as is. It's an unassuming cake that catapults you ...

WATCH: How To Make An Air Fryer Fudgy Chocolate Cake

You can “air fry” a moist chocolate cake.
The air fryer can cook many things, including a delicious and moist cake!This fudgy chocolate cake recipe is perfect for the air fryer. It's a soft and moist chocolate cake recipe that is easy to make. This kind of cake recipe is ...

What Is The Magic Cake Recipe And Why You Need To Know About It

This cake gives you more layers than a leche flan cake will!
Leche flan cake or also known as custard cake is a delicious cake. It's got two delicious layers in one cake: a soft cake layer and a creamy and milky layer on top that sauces itself with the caramel drip. However, there is another cake that ...

Pinoy Ube Vanilla Charlotte Royale Cake Recipe

This British ice cream cake takes on local flavor!

Tired Of Banana Bread? 4 Simple Carrot Cake Recipes To Make Instead

Carrot cake is also a comforting dessert.
Carrots make delicious cakes! Carrot cakes are not only delicious but also loaded with carrots, so it's a great way of eating your vegetables as dessert.   However, that's not the only reason to make carrot cakes. If you've been churning out banana bread regularly since ...

Chocolate Pastillas Cake (Brigadeiro Cake) Recipe

Brazil's condensed milk candy is made into a cake!
If you ever wondered what pastillas would taste like if you added chocolate and then made it into a cake, this is the dessert for you. This chocolate cake recipe is infused with chocolate condensed milk, covered in chocolate condensed milk frosting, coated in chocolate ...

Minimalist Cake Recipe

Decorating skills not necessary for this simple cake recipe!
Keep it simple and easy with a minimalist cake using a chocolate birthday cake and a simple cake design. This moist chocolate cake recipe is good for a 6-inch cake with a Swiss buttercream frosting that's perfectly silky. Also read: All The Basic Tools You Need To ...

How To Make A Mango Chiffon Cake + Cake Tips

Here are tips to make a successful mango chiffon cake recipe.
Between a true sponge cake and a chiffon cake, it's the chiffon cake that is the easier, more beginner-friendly cake recipe. That's because the sponge cake is traditionally only three ingredients: sugar, eggs, and flour. The chiffon cake is different from the sponge ...

How To Cook Cassava Cake + Different Ways To Make It

Always fully cook this tuber for a delicious treat.
Not all kakanin are made from rice. Despite the name, some kakanin are in fact no longer made with rice. Some are made with other ingredients, such as the cassava cake which is made with cassava.Cassava is also known as yuca or ...

Basic Baking Recipes To Master This Year

Learn these basic recipes to hone your baking skills.
For any baker who is still learning how to bake, there are basic recipes that they need to learn. There's a reason why new bakers and baking students need to learn these simple recipes: you learn specific baking lessons when you make these ...
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