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These Are The Crispy Squid Recipes You Need To Know

You’ll want to master these pusit recipes.
Pusit, or squid, is a great seafood. It’s delicious and if you do it right, fast and easy to cook. It’s versatile, too, if you know how to use it in dishes that may not be for squid, but can easily be ...

Calamari with Lemon and Garlic Recipe

Add more flavors to calamari with the addition of simple ingredients.
This squid appetizer is a great dish to serve at your summer barbecue! The crunchy garlic bits and tangy lemon juice add flavors to this crowd favorite.  ...

All The Pusit Recipes You Need to Bookmark

Calamari and adobong pusit aren’t the only ways to enjoy it.
Squid (pusit) may seem like a daunting ingredient to cook but once you get the hang of preparing and cooking it, it can be one of the fastest dishes you can whip up. Here are several delicious recipes you can use to level ...

5 Secrets To Cooking Great Calamares

There are only two ways to cook squid: short and fast or long and slow.
Time to be frank; there is no middle ground when it comes to cooking squid. You either cook it fast. Or cook it long. When you cook it fast, it must be over high heat so that the squid cooks in less ...

Cornflake-crusted Calamari Recipe

Munch on golden cornflake-crusted calamari and pair them with cold beer.
Cornflake-crusted crunchy calamari rings are better with a hint of chili!  ...

Aligue-Glazed Calamari Recipe

This one's a definite crowd pleaser.
Tender squid coated in a crunchy batter and a sweet-salty glaze? Yes, please! This calamari recipe a definite crowd pleaser. ...

Mango and Calamari Salad

Ready in minutes and rich in flavor, here's a healthy treat that's great for a light lunch.
Ready in minutes and rich in flavor, here's a healthy salad recipe that’s great for a light lunch. ...
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