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This Cheesy Baked Kaldereta Is The Family Food Platter You Didn't Know You Needed

They also have solo sizes!
We recently rounded up some family-sized food trays you can order for less than P1,000 if you're just not in the mood to cook every day this week. There's no shortage of pasta, seafood, meat dishes, and more kinds of platters you can ...

Here's Where You Can Get Puto Stuffed With Dinuguan, Caldereta, Sisig + More

Puto with ulam filling? Yes please!
While puto can be the star of your meal when eaten on its own for dessert or merienda, it's also a great side for some of our favorite Pinoy dishes like dinuguan. Puto's lightly sweet taste and sticky, rice-based texture make for ...

This Is The Kaldereta Cooking Hack You Need To Cut Cooking Time

You don't have to spend the whole day in the kitchen!
One of the best parts of eating a beef stew like a kaldereta is the super tender meat with a thick and delicious sauce that you spoon over your rice. You know it takes time to make it since beef needs to be tenderized first ...

Here's The Difference Between Mechado And Kaldereta

You can easily tweak your recipe to make it from one to the other.
One of the best ways to make a dish different from another recipe is to make a few changes to the recipe. You can swap out one to two ingredients and use another to make it taste similar but flavorful in another way. Did ...

WATCH: This Beef Kaldereta Recipe Has More Than One Secret Ingredient

It's actually got three.
One of the most common and popular homemade stews has to be the kaldereta recipe. This super hearty beef stew is loaded with chunky cuts of beef, potatoes, and carrots in a rich and savory tomato sauce. The taste of the beef is ...

Pork Kaldereta With Liver Spread and Peanut Butter Recipe

This is a cross between a kaldereta and kare-kare!
This pork kaldereta recipe is a cross between a kaldereta and kare-kare! Creamy and thick, this kaldereta is made with a twist! It uses pork instead of beef and gets a boost in creaminess from both the liver spread and the peanut butter.You'll ...

Easy Tweaks To Your Caldereta To Make It Even Tastier

We have ideas on how to make that classic Pinoy stew more delicious.
The caldereta, or kaldereta, is a favorite because it's like the pork adobo recipe of the beef recipe world. The longer it lasts, the better, the more flavorful the caldereta becomes. There are at least five ways to make your classic caldereta recipe tastier, more delicious than ...

Kalderetang Manok Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Ang paboritong kalderetang manok, lalong pinasarap at pinalinamnam!
Ang kalderetang manok ay malinamnam at malasang putahe. Mas lalong magiging malinamnam pag dinagdagan ng kinadkad na keso at liver spread ang sarsa ng kaldereta. Minsan, dinadagdagan din ng olives para mas katakam-takam ito. Madalas mapagkamalan ang putaheng ito bilang mechado, pero ang ...

Cheesy Kaldereta Recipe

Pinasarap namin ang kalderetang baka recipe gamit ang keso.
Masarap ang kalderetang baka pero kung natikman mo ang kaldereta na ito, magbabago ang isip mo. Mas pinasarap ang kalderetang baka recipe na to dahil sa keso! Nilagyan namin ng queso ang sarsa at dinagdagan pa sa taas ng karne bago ihain. Kailangan nyo tong tikman!  ...

Would You Try Caldereta-Flavored Corned Beef?

Well, you should, and it makes the perfect baon, too!
Kaldereta (or caldereta) is a popular Filipino dish that is often served during special occasions. It’s a delicious beef stew typically cooked with tomato sauce, bell peppers, and thickened with some liver spread. Slices of carrots, potato, and sometimes, olives are mixed ...

This Basic Cooking Technique Can Level Up Your Caldereta

Tossing your beef in a little flour makes a big difference in your caldereta.
Dredging is the process of lightly coating a food, most commonly with flour, prior to cooking. While it’s similar to breading, the difference is that dredging is a light coating. You are not trying to cover the food with a thick layer ...

Short Ribs Caldereta

This stewed short ribs is made easier and cooked faster for impatient, hungry family members.
This stewed short ribs is made easier and cooked faster for impatient, hungry family members. Prepare this delicious and tasty recipe of Short Ribs Caldereta in 3-easy-steps. Try it now! ...
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