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You Can Make These Creamy Recipes Using That Can Of Evaporated Milk

This shelf-stable milk in a can transform meals into super creamy dishes.
Evaporated milk is a Pinoy kitchen staple. This is an essential ingredient in many local recipes! It's the milk you reach for when making a creamy and milky chicken sopas. It's the can you turn to when you want your champorado recipe to be just ...

Corned Beef Idea: Use It To Make Easy Nachos

Just season it with taco seasoning then load it onto corn chips.
A can of corned beef can be your instant breakfast meal. It's naturally tasty from the can and when you saute it with some onions, garlic, and tomatoes, it's instantly more flavorful. It's a classic favorite that you can rely on when you want a beef meal ...

6 Delicious Ways To Cook Sardines

Sardines can become a delicious meal.
Canned sardines is a staple but it does take some trial and error to find the can that you like among all those available in the grocery. There are other canned food that many people prefer but if you're faced with a can and don't ...

5 Hardworking Kitchen Staples You Should Buy During Quarantine

These should make it in your grocery cart and into your kitchen.
Designated quarantine shoppers need to know the common items that should be on your shopping list. Is your household a fan of eggs? Do the cans of luncheon meat disappear quicker than the hot dogs? Then you need to be on the lookout for these specific ...

WATCH: How To Make Corned Beef Baked Macaroni

Make use of your kitchen staples to make this baked mac.
This baked macaroni recipe is a perfect example of pantry cooking! Pantry cooking or cooking from the pantry means you cook dishes using ingredients that you would normally find in your kitchen cupboards or the shelves of your pantry. These include onions, garlic, potatoes, canned food of ...

Make Merienda With These Easy Palaman Recipes

You don't need much time to make these delicious spreads.
Palaman or sandwich spreads are not meant to be hard to make! In fact, sandwich spreads are mostly no-cook recipes since the meats are either already cooked or canned and ready to eat. From canned tuna to leftover roasted chicken that you either slice or shred, ...
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