8 Canned Goods That Can Make Home Cooking Much, Much Easier

Buy these cheap ingredients at the grocery!
Although cooking from scratch is always ideal, hurried home cooks need a little help once in a while. Stock your pantry with these cheap grocery buys to make home cooking much easier and much faster. You’ll be able to make anything from ...

Easy 10-Minute Recipes That Use Canned Tuna, Sardines, Luncheon Meat, and More

All you need is a can, bottle, or jar from the supermarket.
Looking for a simple formula for tasty meals? All you really need is a can, bottle, or jar from the supermarket and a little creativity. We rounded up 5 super quick recipes that you can make with your eyes closed…and you only ...

6 New Ways to Use Pork and Beans

Make your canned pork and beans go a long way with these recipes!
Pork and beans used to be a quick fix for picky eaters. It's easy-to-prep, sweet, and satisfying. But there are actually so many ways to incorporate pork and beans into whole new, exciting dishes. Here's how you can transform the simple canned good of ...

Did You Know That You Can Make Delicious Appetizers, Shakshuka and More With Canned Tuna?

It’s really a versatile grocery find.
Canned tuna is a great grocery staple: it can be used in a multitude of ways! It’s also a fuss-free addition your lunch or dinner spread on busy weekdays, plus it’s packed with protein.The newest canned tuna available on grocery shelves, Bay ...

Pasta Meal Plan: You Can Make 20-Minute Pasta Dishes For Only P1,500

Feed a family of four effortlessly!
With rice prices skyrocketing because of inflation, why not try switching to pasta for the whole week? You can prep 5 meals good for four people for only P1,500!Here’s the grocery list you just need to print out and voila! You are ready ...

All The Holiday-Ready Dishes You Can Make With Canned Mushrooms

Canned mushrooms give your dishes a natural source of umami.
We all know by now that we enjoy 5 tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami or savory. There are natural ways to get umami on your plate, and one of the easiest ways to punch up the umami flavor is through mushrooms.However, ...

These Are The Grocery Finds That Will Make Holiday Prepping Easier

Make Christmas a stress-free affair.
We’re just going to say it: the holidays are hard work! Make prep work for your holiday spread and Noche Buena easier with these time-saving grocery finds: You shouldn't underestimate the iconic can of Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom soup! It’s more than ...

5 Fast and Easy SPAM Recipes You Need To Make

This grocery favorite is more versatile than you know.
Let's admit it: age doesn't exempt you from loving this canned luncheon meat. Whatever your age, we think SPAM is a universally loved canned ham.There's more you can do with it than just slice and fry it. Here are five delicious recipes to help you think ...

Yes, Tasty Canned Cebu Lechon Exists!

For your porky cravings!
Lechon is a party favorite, often served during celebrations. The juicy and flavorful meat and the crunchy skin, especially when paired with rice, is addictive. But what happens if you’re suddenly craving lechon? What if you only need a single serving of lechon?Elarz ...
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