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You Need to Have This Can of Sriracha Diced Tomatoes In Your Kitchen

Canned tomatoes just got an upgrade!
If you are a fan of the heat and spiciness that only Sriracha gives, then you’ll be dancing with joy that your favorite hot sauce now comes already mixed into canned diced tomatoes. Succulent tomatoes provide the chunkiness that the hot sauce ...

8 Canned Goods That Can Make Home Cooking Much, Much Easier

Buy these cheap ingredients at the grocery!
Although cooking from scratch is always ideal, hurried home cooks need a little help once in a while. Stock your pantry with these cheap grocery buys to make home cooking much easier and much faster. You’ll be able to make anything from ...

This Is Why Canned Tomatoes Make an Excellent Substitute for Fresh Tomatoes

Always keep a can of tomatoes in your pantry.
Nothing beats a fresh, ripe, juicy red tomato…until the grocery runs out of stock and you’re left with unripe green tomatoes. How are you going to make your pasta sauce now?And as much as we love a fresh piece of fruit, tomatoes ...

Everything You Can Do with a Can of Tomatoes

This ingredient is the ultimate pantry staple.
Canned tomatoes are dinner lifesavers—if you’ve run out of ideas, look to this simple ingredient. Keep it in your pantry all the time, and you’ll have a meal ready in a jiffy. Its ease of use and versatility make it easy to ...

An Easy Guide to Canned Tomatoes

We give you the lowdown on each kind!
These canned goods are quite versatile—use them to make pasta sauce, stews, soups, and more! Here’s the lowdown on each kind. CRUSHED TOMATOES These are tomato chunks canned with tomato purée. It’s an excellent time saver: Simply pour crushed tomatoes into a pan ...
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