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This Is How You Can Make An Affordable Sushi Bake At Home

You can use canned tuna!
The sushi bake trend is here and it looks like it may be here to stay. While there are some scratching their heads why it is even called "sushi" when it's neither rolled nor bite-sized, this Japanese fusion dish is undeniably delicious and easy ...

Canned Tuna Idea: Use It To Make A Creamy Pasta

Add a crunchy topping, too.
You can make many different recipes using a can of tuna! From simply mixing it with mayonnaise for an easy palaman to combining it with grated vegetables for a tasty tuna version of your favorite lumpiang shanghai recipe, the canned tuna is the versatile ...

Easy Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Take your usual lumpia recipe and swap out the pork with canned tuna.
This easy lumpia recipe is your average lumpiang shanghai made easier with canned tuna and three other basic ingredients. It's perfect for vegetarians and the Lenten season!   ...

WATCH: You Can Make This Spicy Tuna Pasta In 3 Easy Steps

Plus, it uses ingredients you probably already have.
There's something really easy about making a pasta dish. These dishes are automatically easy to make! If you at least have a two-burner stove, you can even cook both the pasta and the sauce at the same time. This saves you both ...

Creamed Tuna and Mushroom Pasta

A simple pasta dish of canned tuna and cream, and lemon to mute the richness.
“Pasta tends to be heavy on the tummy so I chose to use tuna for the protein to make it lighter,” explains Rosebud Benitez of her recipe. “I like creating delicious gourmet dishes without too much fuss, so the ingredients I used ...
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