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Cara Mia's Popular Ube Cake Now Comes In A Smaller Size

Yes, this also means it’s more affordable.
When it comes to a classic no-frills, and more importantly, delicious ube cake, Cara Mia Cakes and Gelato’s popular Ube Cake ticks all the boxes. If one whole ube cake is too much for you or if a slice or two aren’t ...

Coffee Fans, This Coffee Honeycomb Cake Is Available For Delivery!

Chiffon cake + chocolate mousse + coffee filling.
If you love coffee as much as you love cake, a coffee dessert that can satisfy your cravings is Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato’s Coffee Honeycomb cake. This cake is finally back on the menu and it’s available for delivery.Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato’s ...

This Ube Cake From Cara Mia Is Back And Available For Delivery!

Yes, it's (finally) back on Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato's official website!
Is your comfort food purple, earthy, and creamy? For those who are missing their favorite ube desserts, we have good news for you. Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato brought back their famous Ube Cake on the menu and—yes, it’s available for delivery!Cara Mia ...

Where You Can Get Frozen Brazo de Mercedes In Metro Manila

Here's an upgrade to the classic Brazo de Mercedes.
With Manila’s hot and humid weather, it’s always a good idea to have frozen desserts on hand. One icy dessert that may not be top of mind is the frozen version of the Brazo de Mercedes.If you’re wondering where you can get this ...

Cara Mia's Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Made With Sans Rival Cookies

These mini Sans Rival cookies are fantastic stuffed with Cara Mia's creamy gelato.
Your gelato just got sandwiched between crunchy sans rival cookies, and it's delicious. Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato, or simply Cara Mia, just launched its newest menu offering together with the opening of its latest branch in Glorietta 4 last October 15. Known for their beautifully decorated cakes and ...
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