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There's A New Caramel Cake In Town And It Only Costs P380!

It’s affordable and fits right in your refrigerator.
Do you love caramel desserts? If you can’t get enough of Max’s Restaurant’s addicting caramel bars, you might just find another favorite caramel dessert on their Corner Bakery menu. Meet the most recent dessert addition to the menu: Caramel Cake.The bakery’s new ...

14 Ways Caramel Makes Dessert Better

You deserve caramel on all your desserts!
Oh, caramel! Whether eaten alone, as a piece of candy, drizzled over dessert, layered between cakes, oozing over kakanin – it’s just always so good. To think, that at its core, that distinct caramel flavor is all thanks to just plain, old ...
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