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These Extra Fudgy Crinkles Has A Caramel Filling In The Center!

These crinkles come in bite-sized pieces which makes it perfect for snacking!
One of the addicting sweet-on-sweet pairings is the classic combination of chocolate and caramel. If caramel-coated chocolate cakes are one of your favorite desserts ever, then you will probably love these Fudgy Chocolate Crinkles with Caramel by Sweet Cups MNL, too.Just like a classic ...

14 Ways Caramel Makes Dessert Better

You deserve caramel on all your desserts!
Oh, caramel! Whether eaten alone, as a piece of candy, drizzled over dessert, layered between cakes, oozing over kakanin – it’s just always so good. To think, that at its core, that distinct caramel flavor is all thanks to just plain, old ...

Caramel Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

Make a caramel sauce to eat with your ice cream.
Make a caramel sauce to eat with your ice cream. You can top your ice cream sundae with anything that you like: use crunchy toppings and a drizzle of your favorite sauce. It'll be the dessert of your dreams! ...

5 Caramel Desserts to Indulge In

Recipes for the sweet-toothed!
Desserts can be jazzed up with a drizzle (or more!) of caramel. Here, 5 caramel desserts you will love:1. Salted Caramel BudinoThe sweet-salty sauce gives the delicate flavors a delightful kick.2. Chocolate Caramel BarsMatch made in dessert heaven: chocolate and caramel.3. Banana ...
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