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M Bakery-Style Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes are soft, moist, and topped with cream cheese frosting!
This carrot cupcake recipe is inspired by the famous bakery, M Bakery.   ...

Tired Of Banana Bread? 4 Simple Carrot Cake Recipes To Make Instead

Carrot cake is also a comforting dessert.
Carrots make delicious cakes! Carrot cakes are not only delicious but also loaded with carrots, so it's a great way of eating your vegetables as dessert.   However, that's not the only reason to make carrot cakes. If you've been churning out banana bread regularly since ...

Mary Grace Now Has A Carrot Cake On Their Dessert Menu

This is a cake worthy to be part of your Noche Buena spread.
Are you already planning ahead for Noche Buena? It's better to have a gameplan on what you'll make and which to order, dessert included. If a classic cake is on your Noche Buena dessert must-haves, Mary Grace Cafe recently added a Carrot Walnut ...

PSA: Starbucks' New Seasonal Cheesecake Is Delish!

It's cheesecake + carrot cake in one.
Just in case you missed it, Starbucks released its Cherry Blossom collection, featuring Sakura-inspired beverages which include the Pink Peach Blossom Cream Frappuccino, Chocolate Black Tea Peach Blossom Cream, Yuzu Cold Brew, and Coconut Milk Cold Brew, plus it also included gorgeous ...

These Christmas Tin Can Cakes Cost Less Than P500!

Add this to your Noche Buena and Media Noche spread.
Christmas is the season for catching up with friends and family over a bounty of delicious food. Although as dreamy as it seems, Christmas is also the busiest time of the year. Don’t stress out if you don’t have the time to ...

It's True: There Is Such A Thing As Choc-Nut Gelato!

It's your all-time favorite treat turned into a frozen dessert.
Manila Creamery is one of the few local creameries that's worth any ice cream fan's attention. They are known to explore and play around with Filipino food favorites and turn them into frozen desserts. Biko, Mangga't Suman, and Turon are just some of ...

This Boxed Carrot Cake Mix Will Help You Make Dessert In A Cinch

Don't forget the cream cheese frosting, too.
Sometimes, all one ever needs is a good carrot cake to shoo away the bad juju. A carrot cake is made with your typical cake batter with the added carrot bits, spices, sometimes, walnuts and, of course, the obligatory cream cheese icing ...

There's A New And Delicious Mango Float In Town!

We just can’t get enough of this dessert!
Anyone else who just can’t get enough of mango float? Well, do we have some good news for you! Say hello to Manila Creamery’s delicious Mango Float Parfait.This sweet and tangy parfait is made with layers of Manila Creamery’s mango ice cream, ...

WATCH: How to Make a Classic Carrot Cake

A moist cake + a luscious cream cheese frosting—this will always be a timeless dessert.
Carrot cake will always be a classic dessert: it has carrots, walnuts, spices, and a luscious cream cheese frosting. This is the cake that made cream cheese frosting a crowd favorite even before the red velvet became popular. Have a taste of this and find out ...

No-Bake Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

These steamed, no-bake cupcakes remain soft and moist even when chilled.
You can make moist carrot cake without an oven! These no-bake carrot cupcakes stay moist and soft, and are delicious paired with rich and creamy cream cheese frosting.  ...

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot cake isn't complete without fluffy cream cheese frosting!
Master this basic carrot cake recipe and whip up a fancy four-layer cake (like this one!), cute little cupcakes, or simple loaves of carrot cake in bread pans. Everyone will love this homemade treat when paired with equally delicious cream cheese frosting ...

WATCH: Fabulous Cakes Fit for Any Celebration

A pretty cake is the perfect ending to any celebration!
A pretty cake is the perfect ending to any celebration! Find fabulous cake recipes—from a chocolatey dream to a fruity fantasy—in the March 2017 issue of Yummy magazine. ...
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