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Serious Kakanin Fans Need To Try This Biko And Sapin-Sapin

Order for the weekend ASAP.
Most of us grew up trying at least one kind of kakanin or rice cake: The puto or the pichi-pichi that came from the store, the colorful and layered sapin-sapin at family celebrations, or even the biko your grandparents made at home. ...

WATCH: You Need To Make This Cheese & Ube Cassava Cake

Upgrade your cassava cake with this version that has two kinds of ube in it plus a savory cheese topping.
There are many ways to make a cassava cake. A cassava cake, or a cake made with grated cassava root, is mixed with eggs, three different kinds of milk, sugar, and butter to amp up the richness. It's an already decadent cake that's ...

Cassava Cake Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Matamis at ma-keso ang kakanin na ito.
Ang cassava cake ay gawa sa kinayod na kamoteng kahoy, gatas, gata at binubudburan ng kinayod na keso sa ibabaw. Maaari ding haluan ng makapuno para lalong maging espesyal ang paboritong kakanin na ito. ...

This Cheesy Cassava Cake Has A Layer Of Ube And Leche Flan!

This is a three-in-one dessert!
Ube and leche flan: these are two Filipino desserts that can make most Filipinos jump for joy. But what do you get when you combine the two and add a popular Filipino kakanin in one cake? Well, you get Puto Pao King’s ...

Cassava Cake Recipe

This cassava cake recipe is sweet and cheesy!
The grated cheese topping perfectly complements these sweet and tender cassava cakes. Add macapuno strings to the mix for an extra surprise! ...

Love Kakanin? We Have Easy Pinoy Kakanin Recipes You Can Make In Your Oven

Bake away! Pinoy kakanin is easy to make.
Pinoy kakanin is something we all grew up with—whether it was fluffy puto or deliciously chewy cassava cake—they were always flavorful and fun to eat. While most kakanin recipes are steamed or cooked very slowly over the stove, those that are baked ...

WATCH: How to Make Cassava Cake

No oven? You can use a turbo broiler to make cassava cake at home!

Cheese and Ube Cassava Cake Recipe

Remember to bake your cassava cake in the oven to achieve that nice golden brown crust!
This recipe uses a mix of fresh ube and ready-made ube halaya, and this play on the classic kakanin is completed by macapuno strips and a crunchy cheesy topping. Remember to bake your cassava cake in the oven to achieve that nice ...
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