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Shopping Online: How To Tell If It's A Cast Iron Pot

Get your money's worth!
Shopping online can be risky. All you have to go on are the photos that are provided and the product description. Even these can be vague if the seller is not willing to divulge certain points or too lazy to provide more information.You might ...

What Is A Dutch Oven And Should You Get One?

You might have a version of this coveted pot already.
You may not know it but you may already have a pot that functions just like a Dutch oven. There are several ways to learn if the pot you have is or can be used as a Dutch oven.  There are three characteristics ...

Here's Where You Can Score A 50% Discount On This Cast Iron Pan, Grill, And Pot Set!

This promo is available until September 27 only.
Cast iron pans are very useful and sturdy, but if you want to explore more dishes using cast iron pans, True Value is holding a pre-holiday sale at Glorietta 1, Activity Center and they’re selling a 5-piece set of Oster cast iron ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using a Cast Iron Pan

This cookware has been used for generations! Here's why.
Cast iron is a fantastic metal for pans. Since it can and does retain heat better than most other metals, it's the perfect pan to use for almost anything you need to do on the stovetop or even in the oven. If you have ...
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