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This IG Shop Sells Gorgeous Cathedral Windows Dessert For Less Than P500

You can gift this to your friends and family this Christmas season.
Cathedral Windows is one of the more popular Filipino desserts that's always served during the holidays. It's made with cubed gelatin in different colors embedded in a creamy panna cotta. If you want to plan ahead for this year's festivities and don't want to make ...

Rainbow Gelatin Recipe

This layered gulaman dessert is gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat!
This gorgeous layered dessert made of the colors and flavors of the rainbow is a no-bake recipe and surprisingly easy to make. You can use your favorite flavors, too!The tricky part of this dessert is making sure that your layers don't separate when you're ...

Rainbow Jelly Mousse Recipe

This is the easy cathedral window recipe that you don't need to wait to wait to set.
If you love cathedral windows, then this rainbow jelly mousse dessert recipe is the easy version that doesn't require you to wait very long. In fact, it's more like a coffee jelly mousse recipe. This rainbow jelly version is a fruity gulaman topped with a creamy whipped cream with a ...

This Is One of Our Most Popular Dessert Recipes

It's perfect for the holidays!
This gelatin dessert easily brings on the good vibes—the bright rainbow colors of the gelatin squares are festive, fun, and taste like fruit-flavored candy. An easy hack to making this Filipino dessert favorite? You can use store-bought jelly instead of making multiple ...

WATCH: How to Make Cathedral Windows Dessert

This Filipino dessert is a fun panna cotta and gelatin treat with sweet and tart flavors.
.This Filipino dessert is a fun panna cotta and gelatin treat with sweet and tart flavors. Try this cathedral windows recipe at home and feel free to tweak the sweetness to your liking by adding more sugar. Want to make it extra ...

Cathedral Windows Recipe

A classic party treat!
If there is one gelatin dessert that have many Pinoys feeling nostalgic enough to eat again, it's this stunning treat! This cathedral windows recipe is a completely different gelatin ensemble from the commercial ones.Try this cathedral window recipe and you're sure to ...
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