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What to Eat When You're in Cebu

Cebu has an incredibly rich dining scene. Here are the dishes you need to try!
Cebu might as well be another country altogether, for all that it cares about Manila. Cebuanos have a different culture, a different language, and enviable geography that puts both sea and mountain within minutes of the downtown district. All this means that ...

Isla Sugbu Gives 'Sutukil' a Delicious Rebirth

This Cebu restaurant is redefining the Sutukil experience.
“Sutukil” is a Visayan term which combines the words “sugba” (grill), “tuwa” (stew), and “kilaw” (to bathe raw seafood in vinegar). Diners get to choose which seafood they want and how it was going to be cooked. This three-way style of cooking ...
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