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This Dessert Is Made Special With Tablea and Belgian Chocolate

For those who like their chocolate on the robust-tasting side!
There's chocolate, and then there's tablea—its more rustic cousin that's loved for its decidedly less-refined, more pure-cacao flavor. Filipinos use it to make tsokolate and champorado, but it's also worth exploring how it can be employed to make desserts. We spotted a treat that does exactly ...

This Cafe's Scenic Nature Views Are Worth the Drive

Cebu City folks, check out this under-the-radar gem.
Keep this cool spot on your list if you ever need an escape! Hidden along the Cebu Transcentral Highway in Lower Busay, Cebu City is the cozy little Crate Cafe, where you can sit back, relax, and take in calming views of ...

Enjoy Unli Crab, Scallop, Squid, And More Seafood For Only P848!

It comes with unlimited chicken, pork, vegetables, and rice, too!
When one travels to the beautiful island of Cebu, one cannot miss out on eating juicy lechon dipped in spicy suka. But being a province surrounded by water, no one should pass up the opportunity to indulge in fresh seafood dishes, too. If you want to ...

This Tablea From Cebu Is Being Showcased In Russia!

Our local cacao beans continue to gain international recognition.
Tablea Chocolate, a Cebu-based chocolatier, took part in this year’s WorldFood Moscow which is an international food and drink exhibition in Russia held from September 24 to 27, 2019. Tablea Chocolate is owned by Armi Lopez Garcia under the Armson Foods Corporation but was ...

All The Cebu Delicacies You Should Buy For Pasalubong

Traveling to Cebu soon? Know what to buy for pasalubong!
Cebu is a go-to destination for its pristine beaches but everyone knows it's also a food destination. Different cities and municipalities in Cebu are known for certain dishes and some have even dedicated fiestas to celebrate specific dishes and delicacies. We asked Cebuanos on ...

What To Eat When You're Traveling Around The Philippines

Add these to your itinerary!
You won't run out of places to go to and explore in the Philippines, especially during the summer. Each destination has its own shade of blue sea water, beautiful sunset, charming sights, locals to meet, and food to indulge in.If you’re planning on spending ...

This Is What People Eat For Noche Buena Around The Philippines

What’s on their table spread this Christmas?
Noche Buena, which is Spanish for “night of goodness,” is the bountiful feast served during the eve of Christmas. The typical Noche Buena spread for most Filipino gatherings include the hamonado, embutido, baked macaroni, bringhe (local paella), and sometimes, lechon. But this isn't the same ...

Go On An Ultimate Foodventure In Cebu!

Another reason to book that trip to Cebu!
Yes, Cebu is home to our favorites: lechon, humba, dried mangoes, otap, and rosquillos—but there’s so much more to taste and discover in this province. Another reason why you should book that trip to Cebu ASAP? The 10th Cebu Food and Beverage Exposition (CEFBEX) is ...

Do You Know What Makes Rico's Cebu Lechon Delicious?

The BGC branch is finally opening this Friday, August 3!
A trip to Cebu is never complete without trying the famous Cebu lechon. In one of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation episodes, he even declared that Cebu’s lechon is the “best pig ever!” But what makes their version of pig special?The lechon is roasted ...

What to Eat When You're in Cebu

Cebu has an incredibly rich dining scene. Here are the dishes you need to try!
Cebu might as well be another country altogether, for all that it cares about Manila. Cebuanos have a different culture, a different language, and enviable geography that puts both sea and mountain within minutes of the downtown district. All this means that ...

Sweet Finds: 5 Must-Try Treats from Cebu

Passing through the great city of Cebu? Here's how to get your sugar fix.
Cebu is filled with good eats in and around the city. This round-up of sweet food finds in Cebu showcase everything from locally-produced and uniquely Pinoy desserts, to must-try dessert shops and patisseries to drop by when you're in the city. 1  Don ...

Isla Sugbu Gives 'Sutukil' a Delicious Rebirth

This Cebu restaurant is redefining the Sutukil experience.
“Sutukil” is a Visayan term which combines the words “sugba” (grill), “tuwa” (stew), and “kilaw” (to bathe raw seafood in vinegar). Diners get to choose which seafood they want and how it was going to be cooked. This three-way style of cooking ...
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