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You Can Get This "Cuatro" Leches Cake Topped With Five Different Kinds Of Cereal

Take your pick between Milo Cereal, Froot Loops, Honey Stars, and more!
We're sure you've heard of tres leches cake, which you can easily get delivered from bakeshops all over Metro Manila. If your favorite part of the classic dessert is its milky taste and texture, here's something that takes the cake's cream factor to ...

Dunkin' Cereal Exists And We're Dying To Try It

It comes in two flavors!
Anyone who lives on their own knows the value of a good cereal: It’s breakfast when you wake up late and have no time to throw anything else together but absolutely need to eat something, lunch when you’re too busy to get ...

Dakasi's New Sweet Matcha Drink Is The Perfect Match For Green Tea Fans

This new drink is a blend made with three premium flavors.
Are green tea-based beverages your go-to order when you're craving milk tea? Well, you might want to try out Dakasi's new Caramel Matcha Cereal Drink on your next milk tea run.Dakasi’s new Caramel Matcha Cereal is a blend made with three of Dakasi’s premium ...

Got Cornflakes? Use Them Instead Of Breadcrumbs

That box of unflavored cereal can be quite handy.
The typical breading for fried chicken is usually all-purpose flour but some mix in other kinds of flour to create a crunchy coating. Cornstarch is one kind that you can mix in but there are some recipes that use potato starch and even rice flour for their ...

You Can Use Cereal To Make These Delicious Desserts

Cereal is a sweet treat that can make other sweet treats.
Cereal is considered mostly as a breakfast food. It's commonly crunchy wheat pieces, usually sweetened or tossed in a sweetened coating to give it flavor as well as a color. It's visually appealing, especially for kids!However, cereal can be more than just ...

Strawberry And Banana Cereal Makes Busy Mornings Better!

Are you a fan of strawberry-flavored milk and banana-flavored milk?
Having a busy schedule and wanting to sleep in a little longer doesn’t really give anyone ample time to enjoy breakfast on a weekday. A two-step breakfast that doesn’t require a stove or a toaster? Cereal! Kellogg’s has two fruity corn flakes ...

We Found Japanese Pancakes In The Grocery!

Plus, more merienda finds this week.
Do some of the snacks in your merienda cupboard no longer spark joy? Maybe it’s time to replace them to make room for more tasty treats! Here are some new merienda finds you can easily find at groceries and convenience stores:Photo by ...

9 Snack Box Items to Keep You From Getting Hangry at the Office

Have a handy box filled with the good stuff!
Always getting hungry in the office grabbing whatever is sold at the nearest convenience store or wasting money on coffee shop favorites? Make sure you have food stashed in your cubicle for when you need to pull in all-nighters, when you're stranded in ...

Fruit Cereal Bars Recipe

What's great with cereal bars is that they don't spoil easily, making them the ideal on-the-go snack.
What’s great with cereal bars is that they don’t spoil easily, making them the ideal breakfast or on-the-go snack. This cereal bar recipe allows you to top with fluffy marshmallows, too, so kids will love them, too! ...

WATCH: Decorate a Cake Using Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereal adds a fun twist to your celebration cake!
Breakfast cereal can be used to make a fun and colorful cake!  ALSO READ: Visit our YouTube channel for more videos, recipes, and step-by-step guides: ...

Same Meal, New Tricks

Eat cereals with a twist.
All the other breakfast choices, move aside! Whole grain breakfast cereal is the must-serve meal right now. Why? Not only is it easy to prepare, it also contains the nutrients your children need to help bring out the best in them at ...

A.M. Fruity Crunch

Got a busy morning? Just make it the night before, cover, and refrigerate. Great for snack time too.
Jumpstart your day with this delicious low-fat parfait. Got a busy morning? Just make it the night before, cover, and refrigerate. Great for snack time too. ...
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