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Everything You Need To Know To Cook Thick And Creamy Champorado

Making this chocolate rice porridge is easier than cooking rice!
Champorado, a chocolate-infused rice porridge, is a delicious meal. It's simply made using rice, tsokolate tablea, and water. It's served with swirls of evaporated or sweetened condensed milk and often paired with fried tuyo (dried and salted sardines). This breakfast recipe that we lovingly ...

WATCH: How To Cook Ube Champorado

Ube + champorado = a delicious, colorful morning.
Champorado is a classic Pinoy breakfast so, it's only time that we upgrade it. Naturally sweet, the vibrant dessert ube halaya is a great chocolate substitute and the natural complement to the rice. Plus, it's just as fast and easy as the original so ...

Love Champorado? You Will Love These Easy Versions with Ube, Red Rice, and Oatmeal

Try cooking these non-traditional (but equally delicious) variations of classic champorado.
Champorado is a popular Pinoy breakfast rice porridge flavored with tablea. It is often made with sticky rice to get that distinct thick consistency, but there are plenty of other grains to experiment with. Have you tried using red rice, brown rice, ...

Red Rice Tablea Champorado Recipe

Turn champorado into a wholesome bowl of goodness by using red rice!
Turn champorado into a wholesome bowl of goodness. Using red rice gives it a boost of fiber, while the pure cacao adds a rich, dark chocolate delight. ...

Ube Champorado Recipe

We bet you never had champorado like this before!
We bet you never had champorado like this before! Swap out the classic chocolate for sweet, earthy ube. What a treat!  ...

White Champorado Recipe

White chocolate makes this version extra rich, without the extra milk!
This is a champorado recipe made extra rich with white chocolate. ...

We Taste-Tested for The Best Champorado Mix in the Grocery

This month’s Taste Test takes on a Filipino favorite: champorado.
In the photo: Maya's instant boxed champorado mix actually has a good chocolate taste.Champorado, or sweet chocolate rice porridge, is a breakfast favorite in every Filipino household. Traditionally made of sticky rice (malagkit), tablea, sugar, and a dash of milk, its sweet ...

Dark Chocolate Champorado

For a truly decadent dessert, top each bowl with a scoop of strawberry ice cream.
The classic champorado gets a luxe, dessert-ready upgrade when made with sinful dark chocolate. For a truly decadent dessert, top each bowl with strawberry ice cream. ...
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