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How to Bake a Perfect Batch of Pinoy-Style Cheese Cupcakes

When you make these at home, you can place extra cheese on top!
Pinoy-style cheese cupcakes are sweet treats that are often enjoyed for merienda or as a dessert. The cakes are dense and almost muffin-like (because of cheese mixed in) and the cake tops are often caramelized or topped with crusty melted cheddar cheese.Making ...

Cheese Cupcakes Recipe

A tip for making this childhood favorite: If you want a richer cheese flavor, use quick-melt cheese.
A bite out of these cheese cupcakes will bring you a wave of nostalgia. This snack combines sweet and salty flavors. Creamed butter also makes these cupcakes moist and is a foolproof way to keep them that way for days. A tip for making ...
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