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Ube Halaya-Stuffed Cheese Puto Recipe

This buttery, cheese-topped puto has a surprise inside!
Cheese puto topped with melty cheese may be all you need in a puto. You can always do better! Why not stuff it with ube halaya for that classic ube-cheese flavor combo that we just can't get enough of?You get a buttery soft puto topped with melty cheese. ...

Cheese-Stuffed Cheese Puto Recipe

Cheese puto got extra cheese!
Your average cheese puto recipe gets an extra dose of cheese stuffed into it. Steamed rice cakes like this extra kakanin just got more delicious! We soaked rice and made it the old fashioned way but you can also do this using rice flour ...

This Is What Makes Calasiao Puto Different From Regular Puto

It may have similar ingredients but it's different once cooked.
One of the most popular and well-loved kakanin is the puto. Also known as the steamed rice cake, puto comes in many forms. It can be found as mini muffin-sized bites and can even be found as steamed in a large bilao if ...

WATCH: You Can Make All These Easy Puto Recipes

We have all the recipes you need.
Puto, the Filipino steamed rice cake, is often served alongside savory main dishes such as pancit or dinuguan (pork blood stew). Traditionally made with rice flour, it is usually sweet and is enjoyed as a snack or merienda.The most common version is ...

Cheese Puto Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Kung paborito mong merienda ang puto, dapat mong subukan ang recipe na ito!
Pamilyar na kakanin ang puto, bilang madalas itong kasama sa merienda o kapareha ng iba pang pagkaing Filipino katulad ng dinuguan at pancit.Gawa sa galapong o rice flour ang nakagawiang puto, pero may mas madaling version ito: pwedeng gumamit ng all-purpose flour. Ang ...

Corn and Cheese Puto Recipe

Corn and cheese combine to make this puto tastier and better.
You can add many things to puto, or steamed rice cakes, but there is one flavor that many people love: cheese. What's so great about this ingredient is that it's highly versatile! You can add it to dessert, to the main dish, make it ...

WATCH: This Is The Puto That's Made For Sharing

It's topped with a ton of grated cheese!
Love puto and can't get enough of it? This giant rice cake is slathered in melted butter and then topped with a ton of grated cheese. It's definitely made for sharing! Puto Cake Recipe Takes 50 minutesMakes 12 servings4 cups rice flour2 cups sugar2 tablespoons baking powder1 ...

Pandan Puto Recipe

This is classic fluffy puto and cheese with a delicious addition: pandan!
Use real pandan leaves to pack flavor into this classic puto recipe. Don't forget the cheese slices on top!  ...

Cheese Puto Recipe

This fluffy after-school staple is surprisingly easy to whip up at home!
Puto is a familiar rice cake that's usually eaten as a snack or merienda, or paired with other Filipino food favorites such as dinuguan (pork blood stew) or pancit. The classic puto is made with rice flour but this easy puto version is one ...
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