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WATCH: 5 Ways To Use Cheese In Recipes

Are you Team Cheddar or Team Mozzarella?
Cheddar, mozzarella, queso de bola, Parmesan, gouda, and quick-melting cheese. These are just some of the many kinds of cheese that many of us love to eat and use in our dishes.Whichever kind of cheese you like, you can learn to use it ...

These Ube And Cheese Recipes Are All You Need

Ube + cheese make delicious recipes!
What is it about the ube and cheese combo that makes us clamor for a taste of this delicious pairing? The ube cheese pandesal craze is a great indication of just how obsessed we can be over something so delicious!However, ube halaya ...

Creamy Cheese Lasagna Recipe

There's super cheesy layer in there.
This easy, no-boil lasagna recipe has two sauces that make up the layers: a classic red meat sauce and a creamy cheesy layer that will make it irresistible to kids and adults alike.    ...

No-Cook Ham and Cheese Palaman Recipe

Mix these ingredients together for a tastier sandwich spread.
Ham and cheese is a combination that is an instant hit! From a simple placing of a slice each of ham and cheese between bread slices, you can amp up the flavor by adding more to the mix. Here, ham is chopped up and the cheese ...

WATCH: You Need To Make This Cheese & Ube Cassava Cake

Upgrade your cassava cake with this version that has two kinds of ube in it plus a savory cheese topping.
There are many ways to make a cassava cake. A cassava cake, or a cake made with grated cassava root, is mixed with eggs, three different kinds of milk, sugar, and butter to amp up the richness. It's an already decadent cake that's ...

These Recipes Are Cheesy and Loaded With Mushrooms

This super delicious combination is a great way to make anything delicious, too.
When it comes to dishes made with cheese, it's almost a sure winner when the dishes are extremely cheesy. The gooey, oozing, and stretchy quality of cheese makes a lot of dishes better! Fortunately, there are a multitude of different kinds of cheeses ... Test Kitchen: 3 Ways To Make Mac And Cheese

Make your cheesy pasta dreams come true.
Who can resist cheese? We certainly can’t. That’s why we’ve come up with three different ways you can make the mac and cheese recipe. Whether you’re a beginner, cooking on a budget, want to experiment, or just want to go crazy with the ...

WATCH: This Is An Insanely Silky + Good New York-Style Cheesecake

You'll never want another cheesecake again.
Make this cheesecake and you'll never make another kind of cheesecake again! This is a New York-style cheesecake with a simple graham cracker crust that's not overly sweet. What makes a New York-style cheesecake similar to other cheesecake recipes are a few things: it's baked, it's got ...

WATCH: This Is The Cheesy Embutido You've Been Looking For

Cheese makes this Pinoy classic better.
You just upgraded your embutido recipe when you put this much cheese into each roll. It's the cheesy meaty roll that satisfies everyone's love for something meaty, cheesy, and delicious.There is no such thing as too much cheese, especially if you love ...

These Recipes Will Satisfy Your Cheesy Dreams

These are all the cheesy recipes you need.
There are many people who love cheese. Recipes that have cheese are known to be gooey, milky, creamy, and downright delicious. The many types of cheese don't make it any easier to love it less. From the funky blue cheese to the stretchy ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make The Fluffiest, Softest Cheese Bread

Who can resist these mounds of milky bites?
You know it's a very good bread recipe when you can down one of these down in less than a minute. You'll only understand how we could not help ourselves when you make this easy yet highly addicting cheese bread rolls recipe. The recipe starts off ...

WATCH: We Mixed Cheese And Ube Into One Delicious Cupcake

We mixed ube halaya into our tried-and-tested cheese cupcake recipe, and it's pretty delicious.
One of our most watched and tried cupcake recipes – the cheese cupcakes recipe and video – is made better! We decided it was time to make a change to our cheese cupcake recipe and thought a swirl of ube cupcake batter would not only ...

This Is What You Can Do With Leftover Queso de Bola

Every crumb of cheese can be used to make something delicious.
There are always leftovers from the Noche Buena feast, so you know there's always something to eat again. Leftovers may have a bad reputation but we think it's nothing to be afraid of, especially when you can use it again to make ...

All the Queso De Bola Recipes You Need This Christmas

Use queso de bola's unique, deep, cheesy flavor for appetizers, main courses, or desserts!
Christmas brings another opportunity for us to thoroughly enjoy queso de bola. It's a special, intrinsic part of every Noche Buena. We think it’s because it’s like a perfectly wrapped gift with its brilliant red wax sealing the hard, aged, umami-packed, deep yellow-hued cheese when opened. However, if ...

WATCH: How To Make Cheese Sticks

Ooozing cheese is what you'll get with each bite from this easy cheese sticks recipe.
Who doesn't love cheese? It's salty, creamy, savory, and best of all, it becomes all gooey and melted when hot. Wrap sticks of cheese into a crispy coating, and you've just made one of the most addictive snacks you will ever make: cheese sticks! Cheese sticks, however, ...

Got Extra Queso De Bola? Use It to Make This Cheesy Dip

Make a gooey dip using leftover queso de bola!
Pinoy Christmas culture means two things: titas who call you fat (but give you money to make up for it), and Noche Buena leftovers that will make up the bulk of your meals until the New Year rolls around. The latter is ...

Four Cheese Pita Pizza Recipe

Homemade pizza has never been easier.
Get the summer party started with thin-crust pita pizzas loaded with four types of cheese! Serve these easy homemade pizzas with spicy honey for drizzling.  ...

Queso de Bola Biscuits Recipe

These baked treats are flavored with salty queso de bola!
Queso de bola is a favorite in many Filipino homes. You can bake these flaky biscuits with them, too! They had a good kick of salty flavor.  ...

Cheesy Shrimp Chowder Recipe

It's chock full of vegetables, shrimp, chorizo, and cheese.
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