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Conti's Just Added A Leveled-Up Cheese Roll To Their Menu!

This cheese roll is extra cheesy.
There are tons of merienda-worthy items at Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant. There's a new-ish Limoncello Torte, if you like it sweet and citrusy; a Cookieccino cake, if you love coffee and cookies; and Coffee S'mores Belgian Bars if you love a good chocolate-and-marshmallow combo. Adding to ...

Ube + Cheese Fans, You Should Try This Ube Cheese Roll!

You can’t go wrong with ube and cheese.
Cheese rolls are always a good idea but for those who are looking for a different kind of cheese roll, Buttery & Co just recently released an Ube Cheese Roll, made especially for the holidays.Buttery & Co is known for its sweet ...
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