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Here's How You Can Score A McDonald's Cheeseburger For Only P30

What a steal!
If you're looking for a reason to treat yourself this week (plus, payday Friday is coming up), check out this deal: McDonald's is offering a promo on their Cheeseburger which is exclusively available via the Mcdonald's application.This McDonald's promo lets you buy ...

Score Two Wendy's Cheeseburgers For Just P149 This Month

We won't judge if you eat both by yourself!
Did you know that famed fast food joint Wendy’s first opened in 1969? Its first ever branch was located in Columbus, Ohio. And yup, over five decades later, the place is still beloved by many and going strong all over the world. ...

Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger Recipe

No need to go out to eat this burger!
Who can resist a beef burger that is topped with crispy bacon bits, buttered mushrooms, and loaded with a thick and gooey cheese sauce? We know it's hard! That's why when the craving hits, don't dine out! Grab ingredients instead so you can indulge ...

This Is Not A Drill: Zark's "Jackhammer" Two-Quarter Pounder Burger Is Back

Bring your appetite!
Sometimes, a good burger is all anyone ever needs to get rid of the bad juju. Zark’s Burgers is bringing back one of their famous burgers on their menu as the burger of the month for December. It’s time to welcome back ...

Attention, Burger Lovers: Sweet Ecstasy Is Opening in the South

Cheeseburgers, anyone?
It seems there’s no escaping burgers, but is anyone complaining? Yeah, we thought not. Bust out those Michael Scott screaming gifs, because Sweet Ecstasy (or Sweet X) will be open soon in the Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang. The distinctive taste of Sweet X burgers has recently landed them a ...

You Need To Try These New Fried Chicken + Bigger-Than-Your-Face Pork Chops

How much rice do you think you would need?
If you love a good burger, going to 8Cuts is always a good idea. This burger joint is known for its juicy cheeseburgers and their partners in crime: onion rings or the Oh-Rings and chicken wings. For their 7th birthday, 8Cuts added new fried ...

Enjoy A Buy One, Get One Promo On Wendy's Cheeseburger Today!

Happy National Cheeseburger Day, fam!
Yes, every day can be an "eat a cheeseburger!” kind of day, but September 18 is an extra special day that calls for a mandatory cheeseburger. Yes, it’s National Cheeseburger Day! Wendy’s Philippines is celebrating this event with a buy-one-take-one promo you ...

Baked Cheeseburger Eggs Recipe

Burgers and eggs for breakfast? Yes, please!
Make a quick cheeseburger mix and bake them with eggs: you'll have a hefty breakfast dish to kick off your morning!  ...

Cheese-Stuffed Burger Recipe

Take your regular burger to the next level and stuff your beef patty with cheese.
Take your regular burger to the next level and stuff your beef patty with cheese. Buy good-quality ground beef to make sure this burger comes out juicy and tasty.  ...

This Juicy Wagyu Cheeseburger Was Made for Meat-Lovers

Bite into this juicy, satisfying burger!
What makes a good burger? Simple: a buttery brioche bun, a juicy beef patty, and simple add-ons like cheese, lettuce, and a touch of sauce.Tokyo Tokyo just put together a great burger for meat-lovers to enjoy with their newest addition to their ...

Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe

This bacon cheeseburger will satisfy the biggest of appetites!
Make a caramelized onion sauce to go with this tasty bacon cheeseburger.  ...
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