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This Limited-Edition Pink + Green Oreo Is The Prettiest Oreo We've Ever Seen

There's an Oolong peach flavor, too.
Two out of the many things Japan is known for are their love for matcha and their famous cherry blossoms. Now, imagine if there was a way to enjoy both all at once? That's now possible because Oreo has brought back their limited-edition flavors, the Sakura Matcha. ...

This Planetarium In Japan Serves A Pretty Limited-Edition Sakura Drink

Enjoy it with 360-degree views of the cherry blossoms!
If you're looking for another reason to put Japan on your travel bucket list, here's one: Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo, Konica Minolta Planetarium 'Manten' in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, and Konica Minolta Planetarium 'Tenku' at Tokyo Sky Tree Town now have an ongoing ...

LOOK: Starbucks Is Dropping A New Cherry Blossom Drinkware Collection

It comes in the prettiest pink, violet, lavender, and blue hues!
We all know that Starbucks has really eye-catching drinkware, like their Year of the Ox and their two collections for Valentine's Day this year. Just when you thought you've had enough, here comes their upcoming Spring 2021 collection, In Full Bloom, which particularly has a ...

Starbucks Just Released NEW Cherry Blossom-Inspired Beverages + Tumblers

You'll want to collect them all.
When you think of Japan, the cherry blossom season is usually top of mind. Starbucks Philippines just released Sakura-inspired beverages and merchandise that you'll easily fall in love with.Starbucks just released four new drinks inspired by these pink-hued petals! There's a Pink Peach Blossoms Cream ...
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