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Hototay Soup Recipe

Save this recipe for a rainy day!
This comforting bowl of Chinese soup will definitely keep you warm. This hototay soup has a generous serving of chicken and vegetables—perfect for a rainy day!  ...

4 Tips to Making Great Homemade Stock

Stock cubes are great, but homemade stock is amazing.
Stock or broth is for more than just chicken soup. A good, well-made stock is a great way to naturally boost the flavors of your savory dishes without overpowering anything. Stock is all about bringing out the pure, unadulterated flavors of beef, chicken, pork, ...

How to Make Corn Dogs

This childhood favorite gets an upgrade with bacon-wrapped hotdogs.
This childhood favorite gets an upgrade! We used bacon-wrapped hotdogs and Parma ham-wrapped cheese sticks.                      Makes about 10 to 12 corn dogs1 box (500 grams) instant       pancake mix 1/2 cup corn meal1/2 cup cornstarch3 hotdogs3 cheese sticks3 Parma ham-wrapped cheese sticks3 ...
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