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All The Creamy Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Love

Are you craving for a chicken dish that's coated with creamy, flavorful sauce?
Chicken on its own is already everybody’s favorite. Add in some creamy sauce or soup and you’ve got a hit. Whether it’s for cold rainy nights, baon, or just whenever someone’s craving for creamy chicken, these recipes will deliver.Mindanao’s coconut curry chicken ...

Crunchy Chicken Recipes We Can't Get Enough Of

Who doesn't love crunchy chicken?
Few dishes are as universally loved as crunchy chicken. Tender chicken paired with a delectable crunch makes anyone’s mouth water. Add the fact that chicken is so easily accessible and is affordable, you can make a dish that’s not only unfailingly delicious but also ...

These Easy Chicken Recipes Can Be Made Ahead Of Time!

They're great for baon!
You can’t go wrong with chicken. Everyone has a taste for chicken. It’s lean, flavorful, and can be made into so many different dishes. More than that, chicken, when prepped ahead, and packed for lunch, can be your glimpse of sunshine in ...

Easy Chicken Recipes For People Who Are Learning To Cook

Your kitchen journey starts here.
Chicken is such a well-loved ingredient that it’s hard to go wrong. It’s easy to handle, and miraculously, somehow both delicious and healthy thanks to its juicy, lean white meat. Check out these easy recipes, perfect for the beginner cook: Basic recipes are ...

It Takes Less Than 60 Minutes To Make These Easy Chicken Recipes

There's always time for dinner.
What’s keeping you from enjoying warm, home-cooked meals? Most of you would certainly say that you just have no time. But surely, squeezing a few minutes in your schedule for a delicious chicken meal is well worth the effort. Chicken, after all, ...

10 Saucy Chicken Recipes To Cook Over and Over Again

We just can't get enough.
Chicken recipes, in general, are well-loved but when you add sauce, you might get obsessed. You won’t be able to stop yourself from making these recipes again and again and we can't blame you. These saucy chicken recipes are just too good!This recipe ...

Meal Plan for the Week: Transform Roast Chicken Into 5 Different Dishes!

Make easy dishes for the rest of the week!
Here's an idea you need to try: you can make a big batch of roast chicken on the weekend and transform it into 5 different meals throughout the week. While the chicken is roasting, you can roast your veggies right there as well! ...
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