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Easy Chicken Binagoongan Recipe

Make your favorite bagoong dish even easier to cook.
Binagoongan recipes are one of the faster stews to cook since it uses small pork strips. However, there is a cooking trick you can do to speed up the cooking process even further: use chicken.  By using chicken, and in this case, chicken breast fillets ...

Coconut-Crusted Chicken Tenders Recipe

This easy chicken recipe is perfect to pack for baon!
You're going to want to make these for baon. Chicken tenders, also known as the chicken tenderloins, are easy to work with and cook fast. Season with your favorite seasonings or just plain salt and pepper, and it's still going to be a great meal, especially ...

This Week's Delicious Must-Try: A Crunchy Chicken With An Easy, Savory Sauce

It's said that you can change a recipe with just a sauce.
Fried chicken fillet meals are one of the best meals you can have. In fact, anyone will swear it's their favorite meal since it's essentially boneless fried chicken. All that means is that it was just made easier, better to eat than your usual ...

Boneless Buffalo Wing Chicken Tenders Recipe

These are the easier, meatier, and boneless version of your favorite buffalo wings.
The sauce that buffalo wings are tossed in is truly delicious. It's got a spicy heat that's made even more flavorful with melted butter. Chicken wings, however, aren't the only piece of meat you should use it on! Because deboning chicken wings is a hassle you don't ...

This Is One Of The Fastest Ways To Cook Chicken

Because you need to put a meal on the table, fast.
There's a reason why so many people love eating chicken. Kids especially love it! We don't blame them. It's a fantastic ingredient after all! It's delicious, it's versatile, and it's easy to pair with almost any flavor.To help speed things up in the ...

Boneless Chicken Is The Fast And Easy Ingredient You Need

It's a lifesaver on busy days!
Any ingredient that is fast and easy to cook can easily become your go-to when you're rushing and hungry. That's why boneless chicken fillets are such a fantastic choice as a pantry staple. It's not just easy to cook, it can be made ...

5 Healthy and Exciting Baon Ideas Using Chicken Breast

You can make a healthy + flavorful lunch!
Chicken breasts are the healthiest part of the chicken because this white meat is packed with protein. But if you don’t treat them with a little creativity, they can get boring fast. Make lunch time an exciting part of your day with these ...

JalapeƱo Chicken Recipe

Tender chicken chunks are spiced up with the heat from jalapeƱos.
Simple chicken chunks are upgraded with some heat from jalapeños. No need to add sauce, too!  ...

Chicken with Tausi Sauce Recipe

This simple chicken recipe highlights how salted black beans can bring out the flavor of simple dishes.
This simple chicken recipe highlights how salted black beans can bring out the flavor of simple dishes. Make this chicken dish on a weekday for a quick but flavor-packed meal. ...

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Recipe

This chicken recipe holds up well in lunchboxes, making it a great baon option.
This chicken recipe uses Korean gochujang, or chili paste, which is both slightly spicy and savory—you don’t just get heat but a lot of flavor as well.  You can use it not just in Korean cooking, but also to add a kick ...

Sesame Chicken Recipe

Dinner hack: cut your protein into smaller pieces so that they cook faster!
Get food on the table fast! Cut protein into smaller pieces (they'll cook faster) and serve rice toppings in bowls (for quick cleanup), like this easy chicken recipe. ...

4 Tips to Cooking the Best Chicken Breasts

Learn how to lock in flavor in tender juicy chicken meat!
Chicken breasts are infamously known to be dry, bland, and boring. They are easily overcooked into a chewy mess and are often under-seasoned. However, if treated right, this part of the chicken can be absolutely delicious. Follow these tips to get the ...

Sweet Garlic Chicken Recipe

Quick and easy, this dish is perfect with a hot bowl of rice.
Quick and easy, this Sweet Garlic Chicken is a perfect dish with a hot bowl of rice. You can marinate the chicken the night before and just fry it up in the morning. ...

Chicken Tocino

Here's a great Pinoy breakfast, plus a yummy baon for both kids and grownups!
Tocino is a great Pinoy breakfast that makes for a yummy baon for both kids and grownups! What's even better is that you can make this breakfast staple using chicken at home.Tocino is a combination of brown sugar, vinegar, garlic, and your ...

Chicken and Vegetable Satay

Basting while cooking adds a sweet and tangy flavor, and keeps them moist and tender.
Remember to baste the satay sticks with the sauce every so often while cooking. This adds a sweet, tangy flavor to the skewers and keeps them moist and tender. ...
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