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These Chicken Recipes Won't Need Hours To Cook

There's no need to tenderize chicken, and these easy stew recipes prove it.
It's no secret that chicken cooks faster than other meats. Pork and beef chunks, especially, need time to not only tenderize but also time to develop flavors that marry with the flavors of the sauce. That's why recipes like pork menudo dish, beef mechado recipe, and a cheesy kaldereta ...

Chicken Callos Recipe

This callos recipe is made with a more approachable protein: chicken.
Callos is a Pinoy dish that is well-loved and best enjoyed over lots of hot rice. While the classic recipe is a stew made with ox tripe, this recipe uses a protein that's easier to handle for many home cooks: chicken. Make ...

Chicken Stew with Red Wine Recipe

Add French flair to your weekend spread.
Reserve this chicken stew recipe for special occasions. Don’t be intimated by the length of this recipe; the end result is definitely worth it! ...

Chicken Afritada Recipe

There is so much to love about this hearty chicken and tomato stew.
This local chicken dish is sure to be an easy family favorite. It's loaded with whole chicken pieces, big chunks of potatoes and carrots, and simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce. Two things about the afritada recipe make it irresistible: it's a stew and it's made ...
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