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Chicken Pakam Recipe

This easy chicken recipe is simple yet delicious!
This regional dish from Bulacan is a simple chicken and ginger dish. However, what makes it super delicious is the way it's cooked. You taste all the flavors in one amazing bite! It's simple yet delicious!  ...

These Chicken Recipes Won't Need Hours To Cook

There's no need to tenderize chicken, and these easy stew recipes prove it.
It's no secret that chicken cooks faster than other meats. Pork and beef chunks, especially, need time to not only tenderize but also time to develop flavors that marry with the flavors of the sauce. That's why recipes like pork menudo dish, beef mechado recipe, and a cheesy kaldereta ...

Do You Get Confused Between Afritada and Mechado? Here's The Difference

Here are the ways these two dishes are similar yet different from the other.
We get it. You’ve seen the ingredients list and at first glance, it seems like a similar dish with a glaring difference: the name. Give it a taste and you know it’s similar Filipino dishes but different and differences are more than just the meat.Here are ...

Chicken Stew with Red Wine Recipe

Add French flair to your weekend spread.
Reserve this chicken stew recipe for special occasions. Don’t be intimated by the length of this recipe; the end result is definitely worth it! ...

Spanish Chicken Stew Recipe

This is a Mediterranean spin on an easy stew.
Quick and simple dinners don’t have to be repetitive and boring. A stew is an always an easy option: You can just leave it to simmer so the flavors will meld deliciously. Give this one a try for a Mediterranean spin on ...

Chicken Afritada Recipe

There is so much to love about this hearty chicken and tomato stew.
This local chicken dish is sure to be an easy family favorite. It's loaded with whole chicken pieces, big chunks of potatoes and carrots, and simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce. Two things about the afritada recipe make it irresistible: it's a stew and it's made ...
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