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Chicken Teriyaki with Sweet Corn Rice Recipe

Pair your favorite chicken dish with sweet corn rice!
Here's what else you can do with chicken: make a savory chicken teriyaki dish with sweet corn rice on the side! ...

Chicken Teriyaki Rice Recipe

Easy and delicious, this chicken recipe is also baon-friendly!
The sweet and umami flavors in this chicken teriyaki recipe owes itself to Japanese mirin or sweet rice wine. Prep this ahead as it's also a baon-friendly recipe!  ...

Chicken Teriyaki Soba Recipe

Serve your favorite chicken teriyaki recipe over soba noodles for a fun twist on the Japanese classic.
Try the favorite Japanese chicken teriyaki recipe in a new way. Serve it atop cool cucumber strings and soba noodles. ...

Chicken Teriyaki Quesadillas Recipe

Make baon-friendly quesadillas with an easy homemade favorite: chicken teriyaki!
Here's a fun baon idea: use your favorite chicken teriyaki recipe to make melty quesadillas! Plus, this chicken teriyaki quesadillas recipe only needs 5 ingredients.  ...
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