Chili Con Carne Recipe

Serve this chili con carne over rice or with crunchy tortilla chips.
This easy chili con carne recipe comes from the parents of's assistant food editor, Cat Altomonte. "My mom and dad make this for us all the time. We usually just grab some bowls and spoon heaps of chili con carne over rice, ...

WATCH: How To Make Easy Chili Con Carne

This easy chili con carne recipe has all the ingredients you need to make a comforting bowl.
Beef, tomatoes, and spices are the base of any good chili con carne. What makes each chili bowl different however is the combination of spices that each cook uses. A few of the most common ingredients in many recipes is the use of chili ...

WATCH: You Can Make Chili Con Carne In A Rice Cooker

This is the hands-free simmered chili con carne recipe you need for busy days.
Some of the most delicious and flavorful recipes are usually those which have been allowed to simmer and develop flavors over time. The more traditional chili con carne recipe is usually simmered until thickened and flavors have melded together for some time. You don't need to do that with ...
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