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JalapeƱo Chicken Recipe

Tender chicken chunks are spiced up with the heat from jalapeƱos.
Simple chicken chunks are upgraded with some heat from jalapeños. No need to add sauce, too!  ...

Chiles Rellenos (Cheese-Stuffed Peppers) Recipe

These cheese-stuffed peppers are a treat if you're looking for that spicy kick.
This traditional Mexican dish has the humble chili pepper stuffed with cheese. It's delicious when paired with a flavor-packed tomato sauce, too. Use our local siling pangsigang for just the right amount of spiciness.  ...

Express Lane

Oh-so hungry? Here are 50 recipes ready in 10, 20, and 30.
EAT IN 10 MINUTES!1 Shred leftover roast chicken (or use chicken chunks in can) and mix with mayonnaise, curry powder, pickle relish, and pineapple tidbits. Season with salt, pepper, and sugar to taste. Add halved cherry tomatoes. Spoon on crusty bread. 2 ...
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