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Sambal Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

This quick-cooking chicken recipe is spiced with an Indonesian chili paste.
If you love siling labuyo and what it does to your taste buds, you'll love this Indonesian chili sauce tossed with chicken fillet chunks. Also known as sambal sauce or sambal oelek, this chili sauce is a flavorful mixture of not just chili peppers. It ...

We've Got the Hots for These Hot Sauces!

Spice up your dishes without breaking the bank!
Spicy food is definitely a big part of Philippine cuisine. We have our well-loved Bicolano spicy dishes like the Bicol express and laing that uses different types of chilies found here in the Philippines. A lot of our sawsawans are swimming in chili as well! It's ...

Kung Pao Shrimp Recipe

You’ll love that this shrimp dish is packed with flavor!
This shrimp dish has sweet notes of garlic, sesame, chili, and peanuts. The sauce is so versatile, add chicken chunks and toss with spaghetti to make it into a great version of the favorite resto dish. ...

Cream Cheese with Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

Serve this to guests while you prepare the rest of the meal!
Who would’ve thought you could come up with a spectacular starter with just two ingredients? This easy appetizer recipe combines creamy tones with a spicy kick! ...

WATCH: How to Make Sweet Labuyo Chili Sauce

This homemade chili sauce recipe definitely beats the store-bought kind!

Hot Glazed Wings

These spicy wings are perfect as bar chow or movie night with the family.
When making a big batch of this recipe, toss chicken wings in the chili sauce glaze a few pieces at a time to ensure that each wing is well-coated. ...

Shrimps in Sweet Thai Chili Sauce Recipe

The sweet chili sauce adds a nice fiery-sweet kick!
Need a meal in under 30 minutes? This easy shrimp recipe only requires 4 ingredients and a bit of sauteeing. The sweet chili sauce also adds a nice fiery-sweet kick! ...

Wonton Wrapper Chips with Chili Sauce Recipe

Planning to have a movie marathon at home? Make a big batch of these crunchy chips and snack on ‘em instead of popcorn!
Planning to have a movie marathon at home? Make a big batch of these crunchy chips and snack on ‘em instead of popcorn! These quick and easy wonton chips recipe are made by cutting wonton wrappers into squares, drizzling with oil, and drain using paper towels. You ...

Sweet Labuyo Chili Sauce Recipe

Once you make this sauce, you'll wonder why you ever buy the ones from the store.
Once you make this sauce, you'll wonder why you ever purchased the ones from the store. Packed with more heat than the bottled kind, you’ll only need a smidge on your spring rolls or fried chicken. It's easy to make and you can ...
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