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You Need To Try This Chewy Buchi Stuffed With A Lot Of Cheese And Ube!

This is a unique take on buchi!
Buchi is a classic Chinese delicacy that's made with chewy rice covered in sesame seeds, then stuffed with a mung bean filling. But if you’re looking for a type of buchi with a unique filling, Buchi Queen offers ube and cheese-stuffed buchi, the Ube Keso Buchi.Instead of ...

Here's Where You Can Get Flavored Mantou Buns

Dip it in condensed milk!
Have you ever had hot pandesal with condensed milk for palaman? What about crackers drizzled with condensed milk? If you love this sweet and salty combination, you will also love mantou buns! This Chinese steamed bun, in its simplest form, is made ...

Satisfy Your Hopia And Tikoy Cravings At This Eng Bee Tin Mall!

A supermarket, café, souvenir shop, and a soon-to-open museum are all packed inside the Eng Bee Tin Mall.
Found behind the famous Binondo Church and beside a busy hotel is the Eng Bee Tin mall, home of one of the most recognizable hopia in the Philippines. Their flagship store is a towering building that sticks out in the busy streets ...
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