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The Easiest Chinese Recipes You Can Make At Home

You don't have to be depend on a Chinese restaurant to get your fix.
What’s not to love about Chinese food? It’s flavorful, filling, and definitely comforting. We bet you have at least one wonderful memory of eating Chinese food at a restaurant with your family.Chinese cuisine, in the Filipino setting where it has become common, ...

These Chinese Dishes are Worth The Trip to Hilton Manila's Hua Yuan

This one menu features the best-selling dishes, and it’s all delicious. 
The bestsellers of a menu are usually the dishes that have deserved repeat orders again and again. That’s why this list of Chinese dishes from Hua Yuan is so unique: the entire menu is made up of dishes that have been bestsellers for years.In ...

Indulge Your Craving for Chinese At Marriott Manila's Man Ho

This inspired menu from Man Ho is guaranteed to satisfy.
If you love Chinese cuisine, you'll enjoy the newest dishes at Man Ho, Marriott Manila's Chinese restaurant. Located at the Marriott West Wing, the 136-seater Chinese restaurant has, for the past two years, been serving delicious Chinese cuisine. We know that their recently introduced menu items, part of ...

Celebrate Chinese New Year With These Dishes

Start your Lunar New Year right with good food.
Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? It’s absolutely essential to start the year on a good note, and good food guarantees that. Unsure what to serve? Add these Chinese classics to mark the occasion:Don’t forget the most important dish of all: dumplings! Eating ...

Splash on Sesame Oil To Give Your Meal a Quick Make Over

Here's how you can use it.
Sesame oil isn’t your average cooking oil. A little of it goes a long, long way. It coats and infuses your dishes with an aromatic, delicious, nutty, sesame flavor. Here, we’ve gathered recipes, both new and old, that use sesame oil to ...
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