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LIST: Where To Order Tikoy For Chinese New Year (2022)

It's tikoy season!
Just in case you didn't know: Chinese New Year falls on February 1 this year—which is just a few days away! During this festival, tikoy is always present as this is believed to attract prosperity and good luck—and this glutinous rice cake's sticky consistency symbolizes a strong familial ...

Meet Goldilocks' NEW Cake For Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is almost here!
Chinese New Year is two weeks from today, so if you want to attract the luck of the Year of the Tiger, Goldilocks just launched a new cake made especially for Chinese New Year.The bakeshop has launched a new greeting cake aptly called the Chinese ...

LOOK: These Are Starbucks' Chinese New Year + Valentine's Tumblers And Mugs

Here are the complete collections + prices!
Starbucks just launched new drinks, desserts, and pastries this month but the coffee company  also a headstart on the big events for the first quarter of 2022. Starbucks just released two eye-catching merchandise collections for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day—two big events that will happen on ...
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