Chinese New Year at Xin Tian Di

May good fortune and happiness be yours with this special Chinese Lunar New Year menu from Xin Tian Di.

8 Fortune Foods to Eat for Chinese New Year

Stock up on these good luck eats for a Kung Hei Fat Choi on Sunday, February 10.

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Eight Treasure Rice Pudding

This Chinese good luck treats are made 8 different dried fruits.

Prepare a Chinese New Year Banquet with These Dishes

Prepare these flavorful dishes for your friends and family this coming Chinese New Year.

WATCH: How to Make Fortune Cookies

Let tell you your future!

These Steamed Shrimp Dumplings with Gold Leaf Should Be Part of Your CNY Feast

Try it along with the new Cantonese menu at Lung Hin at Marco Polo Ortigas.
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