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You Have To Try The Lamb And Oysters At Gloria Maris!

Their new Western-inspired dishes will wow you, too.
Gloria Maris may be known for its fantastic Chinese food but a quick look at the menu today will show you that it has spread its cuisine to embrace the ever-changing tastes of its diners. Together with its timeless Chinese dishes are new menu items that ...

You Have To Try This Tikoy + Ginataan At This Chinese Restaurant

It's available for a limited time!
Most of the time, we enjoy tikoy when it’s coated in beaten egg, then pan fried until golden brown; sometimes, tikoy is cooked lumpia-style, too. Luk Yuen, on the other hand, has an interesting, unique, but delicious way of serving tikoy by ...

Here's Where You Can Get Flavored Mantou Buns

Dip it in condensed milk!
Have you ever had hot pandesal with condensed milk for palaman? What about crackers drizzled with condensed milk? If you love this sweet and salty combination, you will also love mantou buns! This Chinese steamed bun, in its simplest form, is made ...

Indulge Your Craving for Chinese At Marriott Manila's Man Ho

This inspired menu from Man Ho is guaranteed to satisfy.
If you love Chinese cuisine, you'll enjoy the newest dishes at Man Ho, Marriott Manila's Chinese restaurant. Located at the Marriott West Wing, the 136-seater Chinese restaurant has, for the past two years, been serving delicious Chinese cuisine. We know that their recently introduced menu items, part of ...
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