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Substitute Your Usual Potato Crisps With These Flavored Kangkong Chips

Looking for a healthier alternative to potato chips?
If you love snacking on potato chips, you probably know by now that they're not exactly the best thing for your health. But there's no denying it's not easy to quit the salty flavor and crunchy texture of the age-old snack. If ...

PSA: You Can Get Cool Ranch Doritos At Landers

Perfect for movie night snacking!
When it comes to picking a snack for a movie night or a drinking session, chips will always reign supreme. It's hard to beat the convenience (and easy clean-up) of a tasty treat you can eat straight out of the bag. Plus, ...

There's A New Pringles Flavor In The Supermarket

Add this to your snack stash!
While we’re still getting over the phasing out of one of our childhood snacks, there are always new items in the snack section that can possibly be a new favorite. When you shop at Landers Superstore, you might spot a new Pringles ...

It's True, One Of Your Childhood "Sitsirya" Has Been Phased Out

So long, old friend. You are missed.
You may or may not have noticed it during your recent trip to the supermarket: a certain bag of chips has been M.I.A. for quite some time now. We’re talking about good ol’ Kornets.Kornets has a distinct cone shape and corn flavor. Every ...

PSA: Vcut Potato Crisps Are Now Available In A Party Pack!

You can now share your chips with your friends!
For people who gravitate toward a pack of chips for merienda, childhood favorites always top that snack list. We're sure Vcut’s crispy and spicy ridged-sliced chips are a big favorite.Good news: Vcut Potato Crisps now comes in a bigger pack! It’s the same ol’ thick, crispy, ...

Convenience Store Find: Lay's Salted Egg Potato Chips!

We know where you can buy it!
If you’re one of the loyal fans of the salted egg trend, you have to try Lay’s Salted Egg-flavored Potato Chips! Lay’s take on the salted egg-flavored chips was first launched in China in 2018 and it reached other Asian countries like Thailand ...

Taters Is Now Serving Sriracha-Flavored Snacks!

Who doesn't love the heat of Sriracha?
Is popcorn your fave go-to snack for movie dates? Meet Tater’s new Blockbuster Sriracha series! If you are a huge fan of the spicy flavors coming from the iconic red bottle with the bright green nozzle, you just have to try it combined ...

WATCH: How to Make Banana Chips

Make a big batch of this very addicting banana chips recipe!
The key to a really satisfying batch of banana chips is to slice the saba bananas as thinly as possible (you may also use a mandolin) and to set it aside to air dry for at least 30 minutes. Saba bananasOil, for fryingBrown ...

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips with Lime Salt

You can also try other starchy veggies, like taro and pumpkin, which for an equally crunchy snack.
Making your own chips is as easy as 1-2-3: Just slice, fry, and season. Aside from sweet potatoes, try other starchy veggies, like taro and pumpkin, which will make for an equally yummy crunchy snack. ...

Wonton Wrapper Chips with Chili Sauce Recipe

Planning to have a movie marathon at home? Make a big batch of these crunchy chips and snack on ‘em instead of popcorn!
Planning to have a movie marathon at home? Make a big batch of these crunchy chips and snack on ‘em instead of popcorn! These quick and easy wonton chips recipe are made by cutting wonton wrappers into squares, drizzling with oil, and drain using paper towels. You ...

Apple Nachos

Fun nibbles for the sweet-toothed!
This will be a sure hit with anyone who has a sweet tooth! Movie marathons won’t be complete without some yummy apple nachos from now on. For the chips version of this, see Cocoa Apple Crisps.     (Looking for real deal nachos? See ...

Chicken and Egg Pimiento Spread Sandwich

The unique egg-pimiento spread on this can be your startup biz's signature "secret sauce."
You can make small batches in your kitchen and sell them at a weekend market to start. There, you can observe how different customers respond to your product and zero in on your target market. Small-batch production also ensures that you keep ...
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