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Here's Where You Can Get Ube- and Choc Nut-Flavored Silvanas

You can get a box of six for P250!
Silvanas are a popular Filipino dessert composed of frozen cashew-meringue wafer cookies with a thick layer of buttercream sandwiched in between. You've probably tried the classic treat at least once in your life, but we found a version a fresh take on ...

These Gooey Cinnamon Rolls Are Topped With Choc Nut Chunks

A Pinoy twist on a classic dessert!
We recently rounded up some home-baked cinnamon rolls you can get delivered because there's never a bad time for to enjoy these creamy pastries. If you want try a fun Pinoy twist on the classic dessert, we recently found cinnamon rolls topped ...

You Can Get a Choc Nut-Flavored Drink at This Local Milk Tea Shop

They also have other fun flavors like Ovaltine and mango!
Choc Nut is a classic Filipino chocolate bar with a crumbly texture and a nutty taste that's so addicting you can munch on one after another; and back in the day, you probably did. The treat is so popular it's been made ...

It's True: There Is Such A Thing As Choc-Nut Gelato!

It's your all-time favorite treat turned into a frozen dessert.
Manila Creamery is one of the few local creameries that's worth any ice cream fan's attention. They are known to explore and play around with Filipino food favorites and turn them into frozen desserts. Biko, Mangga't Suman, and Turon are just some of ...

This New Choc Nut Banana Pudding Will Be Available For Five Days Only!

Set your alarm and mark your calendars!
Besides cupcakes with an iconic swirl on top, M Bakery is known for its classic banana pudding. M Bakery reinvents this pudding by adding local flavors from its various locations around the world. There’s the Boston Cream Banana Pudding available in Boston, Massachusetts, the Lotus Biscoff ...
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