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Oreo Chocnut Cheesecake Recipe

Your fave childhood snack from the sari-store is getting an upgrade!
This mouth-watering dessert is a relatively uncommon flavor of cheesecake which is given a twist by using a popular sari-sari store item: Chocnut. Also, unlike some cheesecake recipes, this one is baked. The chocolate ganache which tops it is also a variation ...

Candy-Inspired Desserts To Make For Halloween

Don't buy! Make these fun candy recipes at home instead!
Candy is the theme of the month! For Halloween, you can always buy hard sweets and chocolate-covered treats from the supermarket but we say, make this Halloween more personal and fun by making some delicious homemade desserts that are either inspired by your favorite ...

Choc Nut Spread Exists and You Can Get It Delivered

We won't judge if you eat it straight out of the jar!
Part-sweet and part-nutty, Choc Nut's one of those local sweets whose appeal transcends time. We'll always have a sweet spot for the crumbly candy, but imagine its signature chocolate-peanut flavor in the form of a sweet, creamy spread that'll totally go with ...

These Refreshing Lattes Taste Like Choc Nut and Nutella!

Best serve chilled.
If coffee is a crucial part of your day and your usual go-to is the kind that's sweet and milky, Overdoughs has two new lattes that taste like dessert. Check out Overdoughs' Choc Nut Coffee Latte and the Nutella Latte.Overdough’s Choc Nut Coffee ...

Here's Where You Can Get Choc Nut Soft-Serve This Summer

It'll only be available for a limited time!
Any Pinoy kid who grew up in the time before Google (and well, even after) would know the simple pleasure of unwrapping a crumbly piece of Choc Nut, and letting that unmistakable fusion of nutty, chocolaty, homey goodness melt on your tongue. ...

These Desserts Use Your Childhood Favorite Candies

From Chocnut to White Rabbit, these dessert recipes are sure to invoke your sweetest childhood memories of candy.
What candy did you grow up eating? Was it the rice-paper wrapped White Rabbit butterscotch candies or the crumbly peanut chocolate piece of Chocnut? Perhaps it was something else, like the candy-coated rounds with the white "M" on each piece? Whatever candy you grew ...

Yes, We Can Finally Enjoy Choc-Nut As A Chocolate Spread!

Christmas just got sweeter.
Many, many years ago, someone thought it would be a good idea to put chocolate and peanuts together. Years later, another person took that idea and came up with Choc-Nut.Choc-Nut is a thumb-sized brick of crushed peanut, cocoa powder, and cane sugar; ...

This Choc Nut-Flavored Ice Cream Is Bound To Be Your New Favorite Dessert!

This ice cream bar has three types of Choc Nut in it!
Ian Carandang of Sebastian’s Ice Cream has brought some of the most exciting food finds in Manila, such as the Rainbow Grilled Cheese, sapin-sapin ice cream, and Poppits (ice cream nuggets). There’s no stopping this enthusiastic and honest-to-goodness man in continuously creating ...

Chocnut Turon Recipe

Make your kids’ merienda extra special by serving them the classic turon but with a chocolate twist!
Make your kids’ merienda extra special by serving them the classic turon but with a chocolate twist! Have you tried making this crunchy Pinoy favorite with Chocnut before?  ...

WATCH: How to Make Homemade Chocnut

This version might just be better than the ones you have to buy at the store.
This classic Pinoy candy will bring you back to your childhood! It's a combo of two things we love: chocolate and peanuts. And just because it's easily bought from the store doesn't mean a homemade version is hard to make. With a little ...

WATCH: Making a Banana-Chocnut Dessert Is Easy!

Making dessert doesn't have to be difficult.
Using the local peanut-chocolate bar, Chocnut, gives the classic peanut butter and banana duo a Pinoy twist! You can use any leftover cake you have in place of the pound cake. (We used store-bought pound cake. Butter cake works well, too).  How about adding a bit of ...

Chocnut Creme Brulee Recipe

This Chocnut-infused creme brulee will bring you back to your childhood!
This Chocnut-infused creme brulee recipe uses a fave Filipino childhood treat. For a stronger Chocnut flavor, mix in chopped Chocnut into the custard before baking, or add it on top right before serving. ...
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