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WATCH: You Can Make Delicious Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

You would never know these chocolate chip cookies have oatmeal in it!
We don't know anyone who doesn't like a good chocolate chip cookie. Cookies are like sweet golden brown nuggets you make when you know you don't want more than just a few bites of something that tastes sinful. What we do know however ...

WATCH: This Is The Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You Can Make In A Baking Pan

This is the chocolate chip cookie you bake into squares.
Who doesn't love a good chocolate chip cookie? For many, it's the ultimate cookie: it's got a caramel-butterscotch cookie with pools of melted chocolate dotted all over its surface. One bite, especially right out of the oven when it's still warm, and it's ...

Milk Chocolate and Almond Skillet Cookie

Perfectly cap off dinner by sharing this giant, warm chocolate-y cookie with your family!
Warm, melted milk chocolate and crunchy, roasted almonds come together for this warm, easy to make treat. Get that cookie going in the oven before you eat your dinner and have its delicious aroma envelop you and excite you while you’re eating. ...

WATCH: How to Make Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing like chocolate chip cookies + peppermint candy to get you into the holiday spirit!
This cookie recipe is perfect for the holidays. Make them for Christmas Eve or gift them to cookie-loving friends: they'll be a sure hit!Peppermint Chocolate Chip CookiesPrep time 25 minutesCooking time 35 minutesMakes 3 1/2 dozen1 1/2 cups butter1 cup white sugar1 ...

5 Mistakes You're Making When Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies

The classic chocolate chip cookie is every home baker’s introduction to desserts.
The classic chocolate chip cookie is every home baker’s introduction to desserts. There’s nothing more delicious than whipping up a quick drop cookie dough, throwing lots of chocolate into it, then biting into a warm and freshly-baked cookie!Because the chocolate chip cookie ...

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Cookies can be good for you!
Cookies can be healthy! We show you how with just a couple of ingredient substitutions. You won’t taste the difference in this easy cookie recipe. ...

WATCH: A Guide to Baking Your Favorite Kind of Chocolate Chip Cookie

Learn how to make chocolate chip cookies exactly the way you want them.
The ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe is different for everyone. Bake your favorite kind of cookies, exactly the way you want them, by learning how to make small tweaks in a recipe. The great thing about baking at home is that you ...
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