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This Is The 5-Ingredient Cookie You Should Make

This easy cookie will blow your mind.
Have you been making leche flan lately? If you have, you either saved the egg whites that you didn't need after making the leche flan or you threw it out, not knowing a need or reason to save it. If you saved those egg ...

Everything You Need To Know To Make the Best Crinkles

Before the chocolate chip cookie, we already loved chocolate crinkles.
Before the chocolate chip cookie worked its ways into our hearts, we were already in love with the humble chocolate crinkle. The crinkle was the epitome of what we loved in a cookie, even if we didn't know it yet: it had an intense ...

Super Chunky Chocolate Cookie Recipe

This is the chocolate cookie that's got twice the chocolate.
Chocoholics, you will fall in love with this double chocolate cookie recipe. It's not just a chocolate cookie, it's a chocolate cookie that is loaded with even more chocolate in the form of dark bittersweet chocolate chunks.   ...

Chocolate Meringue Cookies Recipe

Puffy clouds of chocolate is what these cookies are made of.
This easy, 5-ingredient dessert recipe is a popular bakery staple with a twist. The twist here is the addition of chocolate to simple yet gooey and delicious meringue cookies. If you're craving something chocolate in cookie form, try these meringue cookies! These are so light ...

WATCH: These Brownie Cookies Will Be Your New Favorite Dessert

Brownie batter to make cookies? It works!
This brownie cookie recipe is fudgy, loaded with chocolate, and sports that crinkly top that you want in a brownie but in cookie form. How did we do it?  The fudgy brownie batter is first chilled and then rolled into balls so it can hold its own without ...

Milk Chocolate and Almond Skillet Cookie

Perfectly cap off dinner by sharing this giant, warm chocolate-y cookie with your family!
Warm, melted milk chocolate and crunchy, roasted almonds come together for this warm, easy to make treat. Get that cookie going in the oven before you eat your dinner and have its delicious aroma envelop you and excite you while you’re eating. ...

Chocolate Marshmallows Cookie Recipe

Why not add marshmallows to a classic treat?
This cookie recipe combines chocolate and marshmallows—a treat both kids and kids-at-heart will love.  ...

Double Chocolate Skillet Cookie Recipe

Serve this decadent cookie dessert with ice cream on top.
Impress loved ones with a show-stopping double chocolate skillet cookie! Serve this dessert warm and topped with ice cream. ...

Chocolate Hills Cookies

These yummy chocolate bites are a sure hit with the kids!
Cookies are always a fun baking activity with the kids. This easy chocolate cookie recipe is inspired by the Chocolate Hills of Bohol and are bound to be a sure hit with the young ones. ...

No-Bake Chocolate Cookies Recipe

These easy no-bake cookies are also for the health conscious!
Love no-bake desserts? Make these cocoa chocolate cookies! Magnesium, zinc, and iron are just some of the minerals that make unsweetened cocoa powder a nutritious treat. ...
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