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Here's Where You Can Get These Delicious Big-As-Your-Palm Cookies

You'll need a tall glass of milk for this one!
The Mess Hall's sinfully delicious cookies now have a name you'll want to remember at all times, especially in times of chocolate and cookie cravings. Now called Mo's Cookies, their mouthwatering cookies are offered in new sizes: bite-sized (called crumbs!), which is good ...

WATCH: Make Easy + Delicious No-Bake Chocolate Cookies

No guilt involved with these easy to make cookies.
We’ve all heard of no-bake cakes, but you can also make no-bake cookies! Thanks to oatmeal and unsweetened cocoa, these cookies are healthy as well so you won’t feel guilty at all when you binge on them. These cookies are chewy and ...

Chocolate Marshmallows Cookie Recipe

Why not add marshmallows to a classic treat?
This cookie recipe combines chocolate and marshmallows—a treat both kids and kids-at-heart will love.  ...

Double Chocolate Skillet Cookie Recipe

Serve this decadent cookie dessert with ice cream on top.
Impress loved ones with a show-stopping double chocolate skillet cookie! Serve this dessert warm and topped with ice cream. ...

Chocolate Hills Cookies

These yummy chocolate bites are a sure hit with the kids!
Cookies are always a fun baking activity with the kids. This easy chocolate cookie recipe is inspired by the Chocolate Hills of Bohol and are bound to be a sure hit with the young ones. ...

No-Bake Chocolate Cookies Recipe

These easy no-bake cookies are also for the health conscious!
Love no-bake desserts? Make these cocoa chocolate cookies! Magnesium, zinc, and iron are just some of the minerals that make unsweetened cocoa powder a nutritious treat. ...

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookies

Go the healthier route with these cookies!
Go the healthier route with these cookies! ...

Microwaved Chocolate Cookies

No need for an oven to make gooey, chocolatey cookies!
No need for an oven to make gooey, chocolatey cookies! ...

Orange Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Orange zest adds depth to your usual choco chip cookies.
Need a change from your chocolate chip cookies? Try this chocolate chip cookie recipe—it's bound to be a new favorite!  ...

Chocolate Christmas Cookies Recipe

Spread the holiday spirit by dusting confectioners? sugar over dark chocolate sugar cookies!
This chocolate cookie recipe is perfect for the Christmas season. Spread the holiday spirit by dusting confectioners’ sugar over dark chocolate sugar cookies! ...

Heaven in a Cookie Recipe

Substitute store-bought butter cake or mamon for chocolate fudgy cookies.
Substitute store-bought butter cake or mamonfor chocolate fudgy cookies. ...
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