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WATCH: These Are Our Best Baking Tips When Using Chocolate

We have some tips for your next dessert!
[DM:]Chocolate fans will adore anything that has the flavor of their favorite candy. When baking with chocolate, keep these chocolate tips in mind so you can experience chocolate heaven. Not all chocolates taste the same. That's because everyone has different tastes and preferences! What ...

Give In To Your Love For Dark Chocolate With These Desserts

Pure dark chocolate goodness awaits!
Dark chocolate is one of the purer forms of chocolate. Its intensity is matched only by the amount of cacao that's actually present the chocolate. It can be as intense and bitter as 90% cacao to as humble and mild as 50%. Whichever ...

These No-Cook Chocolate Balls Are Perfect To Give Away This Valentine's

These are the perfect gift idea!
Valentine's Day is notorious for being the day when everyone indulges in chocolate and dessert. While flowers are also part of the package when you're on dates, chocolates will always be the way to someone's heart if they love to eat. If you ...

WATCH: All The Chocolate Desserts You Can Make

We love chocolate!
When it comes to the best chocolate recipes, these are some of the winners in our book. Some of the most delicious desserts we have tasted have chocolate involved! What makes chocolate so satisfyingly delicious? The creamy texture is just part of it. The flavor is rich, dark, ...

Chocolate Meringue Cookies Recipe

Puffy clouds of chocolate is what these cookies are made of.
This easy, 5-ingredient dessert recipe is a popular bakery staple with a twist. The twist here is the addition of chocolate to simple yet gooey and delicious meringue cookies. If you're craving something chocolate in cookie form, try these meringue cookies! These are so light ...

You Only Need 30 Minutes To Make These Delicious Chocolate Desserts

You don't need an oven, too.
Have an intense chocolate craving? Don't worry. We've got you. We know of some delicious chocolate desserts that are not that hard to make nor do any of them take that much time to put together. Either way, the idea that you need ...

Chocolate Churros with Spicy Chocolate Dip Recipe

Sugar-coated chocolate sticks dunked in more chocolate. Yes, please!
Love churros? This is a version you should try. These crispy pastry sticks are still coated in a sugar-cinnamon mix but not only is the dip made with chocolate, so is the actual churros. You're dipping a chocolate pastry in even more ...

WATCH: You Can Make This Easy Chocolate Mousse Cake

This chocolate mousse on a brownie crust is topped with more whipped cream and chocolate chips.
This silky chocolate mousse cake is topped with even more whipped cream and then dotted it with chocolate chips. It's your favorite cake from childhood that you always asked for at the local bakeshop. With this recipe, you don't need to buy it ...

All You Need To Know To Make Your Own Tin Can Cake

Make one for yourself or give it as a gift!
The Christmas season is here and we just bet you’re already looking at the best recipes to use to make as food gifts for the holidays. The Tin Can Cake must be one of those and if we’re right, here are the ...

WATCH: How To Make Chocolate Pudding

The gelatin-like consistency of chocolate pudding melts in your mouth.
All you need to make a classic chocolate pudding is five ingredients and the patience to wait until the mixture has chilled. Then, ready the spoons because each luscious bite will have you spooning more of the decadent, almost gelatin-like chocolate into your ...

Chocolate Fruit Parfait Recipe

This chocolate dessert is low in calories!
This low-cal dessert, layered with brownie chunks, fresh fruits, and a light mousse, is perfect for chocolate-lovers who are watching their weight! ...
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