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This McDonald's And Godiva Collaboration Is What Chocolate Dreams Are Made Of

Don't these drinks look good?
Have you ever wondered what McDonald's menu is like in other countries? It's not unusual for foodie travelers to go to a different country and try McDonald's (and other fast food chains') food items that are exclusively available within that zip code. If you're daydreaming ...

Love Meiji Apollo? You'll Love This Milk-Tea Spot's Chocolate-Strawberry Drink

Your inner child is in for a treat!
Chocolate and strawberries is one of those pairings that comes together like yin and yang—they're from completely different ends of the flavor spectrum, but they come together perfectly and complement each other's differences. One popular way to enjoy the duo is through ...

Milo Popsicle Recipe

Turn your fave chocolate drink into a fun icy treat.
Popsicles are easy to make: you can use your fave chocolate drink or fruit juice to make this kid-friendly icy treat. This popsicle recipe has milk and chocolate wafers, too. ...

Iced Chocolate Malted Milk Recipe

Sip this chocolate milk drink on a hot day!
Try this chocolate drink recipe: Nothing beats a tall glass of iced chocolate malted milk on a warm day. ...
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