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WATCH: This Vanilla Cake Is The Perfect Treat To Kick Off The Holidays

Improve your cake game with this simple but delish cake!
If you ever find a simple yet moist vanilla cake to be boring, drizzle on some chocolate and you may change your mind. As if making a cake is not enough, this otherwise normal vanilla cake is made better, more appetizing and totally delicious with a ...

WATCH: This Easy Chocolate Glaze Will Make Your Doughnuts Better

This glaze is perfectly chocolatey and shiny!
Chocolate-glazed doughnuts are probably one of the first doughnuts you've ever tried. You can easily recreate this favorite by making your own doughnuts and chocolate glaze at home! Or you can just get a box from your fave doughnut shop and get glazing ...

Chocolate Doughnut Glaze Recipe

Dip your homemade doughnuts into this easy chocolate glaze!
Homemade doughnuts are easier than you think. Plus, you can glaze them with whatever you want! Chcoolate, anyone? This two-ingredient chocolate glaze recipe is easy to follow.  ...
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