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Nutella Loaf Cake Recipe

Both cake and buttercream gets a boost in flavor from the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread.
There's no doubt that Nutella, the chocolate hazelnut spread, is delicious. This easy cake makes good use of it in both the cake and the easy buttercream that's slathered on top. There's no easy way to resist this! ...

WATCH: How to Make Crepes at Home

See how easy it is to make this French classic at home!
Delicate, delightful crepes are easy-to-make at home. Master this basic crepe recipe and top them however you like.Prefer savory crepes? Omit the vanilla and sugar, then season the batter with salt. 2 large eggs2 tablespoons sugar 1 cup water3/4 cup milk1 cup all-purpose ...
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