Have Fresh Milk + Dairy Products Delivered To Your Doorstep!

They also have chocolate milk, Greek yogurt, butter, and kesong puti.
Who wouldn’t love fresh-from-the-farm dairy products delivered to your doorstep? This simple idea is what Pinkie’s Farm is all about. Pinkie’s delivers fresh milk, chocolate milk, butter, and even yogurt to your home, just how a milkman would.The dairy comes from a ...

Grocery Find: Kid-Approved Candy Bar Chocolate Milk Drinks

We found these in the international aisle of SM Supermarket!
When you’re an 8-year-old kid, there’s nothing like a candy bar-induced sugar rush. What a treat it was to have a small candy bar for behaving on a weekend afternoon! This week’s grocery find will take you all the way back to ...

This New Milk Tea Has Your Fave Chocolate Drink And Boba Pearls!

It's difficult to outgrow our childhood favorites!
After Soju Yakult drinks, Yakult-flavored soft serve ice cream, and a Melona Honeydew-flavored soft serve ice cream, Black Scoop Cafe adds a new nostalgic beverage to their ever-growing menu of interesting drinks and desserts.The latest addition to their menu is the Chuckie Milk ...
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